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“Starting out in business can be scary. We’ve tons of free resources, a large community of small businesses & instant answers to any question.”

Small Business Tools

Here is an overview of all the small business tools available.
We’ve built a number of tools that all small businesses need. These tools are designed to automate as much of the grunt work as possible allowing you more time to be creative and drive your business.

All our tools are freemium. That means that 100% of main tools are free and then we charge for add-on apps.

Here is list of all your free tools:

Here is list of all your add-on apps:

The add-on apps release features that you should only need when you’re up and running.

# Multi-User $4.99pm
For financial advisors or other staff.

# Enhanced Invoicing $4.99pm
For multiple trading names and recurring invoicing.

# Payroll $4pm
For running payroll and doing all your payroll taxes *Ireland only

# Cloud Storage $0 pm
For connecting Dropbox and Google Drive.

Learn more about our add-on app.


Free ‘Beat Loneliness’ Workbook

– Questions to find out what’s affecting you

– Actions to take control of those feeling 

– A practical road map to help

Accounting Software Resources

Here is an overview of all the small business resources available.
The community sections is broken into 4 parts


Here we will create high-value actionable posts about our company journey from Europe (Ireland) to the United States of America. It will be a blog that both people in the America and people coming to America will be able to learn from.

We’ll talk about product fit, marketing, growth, 3rd party products, business and company culture. Click to read more about ‘Blog‘.



Here you’ll find a growing number of courses to get your business growing.


Community Q&A

We have a community site with nearly 5,000 questions from our community, all answered for you to search. You can search answers on our Small Business Q & A site.


Free Support

If you’re a user of Bullet you can click (?) from within our dashboard or the bubble below on the right and we’ll answer any question you want. Our average response time is 8 minutes.


That’s a Wrap

I hope you find tons of giveaways, free applications and blog posts helpful. We’re here to make your business life easier – be sure to use us!

If you want to keep up to date with the latest giveaways, just sign-up below.

Thanks Pete

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