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We ran an industry standard survey called an Net Promoter Score with all our customers. The test looks to see how likely your customers are to refer your product to a friend or colleague.

# 7.4 people in every 10 would recommend Bullet.

# We got 6% higher score than the iPhone.

# Our instant customer service beat Zappos.

Table of Net Promoter Scores, Bullet beating Netflix, Zappos, Southwest, Amazon, and the iPhone
Based on 68 reviews
Fantastic has transformed how organised I am regarding my accounts. Easy to use and all the gentle reminders are incredibly useful.
Daragh Muldowney
Daragh Muldowney
16:05 21 Aug 19
bullet is great...i do wish there was a way to remove the "invoice due in" section appearing on the invoice as sometimes its not applicable
Barra Vernon
Barra Vernon
16:35 15 Aug 19
Bullet is life changing. If you are a new business or have just gone self employed and are finding the invoicing / tax / accounts system to be a big learning curve then just sign up to Bullet. It is SO simple to use and makes keeping your accounts up to date something that is fun to do. I couldn't have recommended it to more people without becoming an annoying friend. We recommend Bullet to all of our students when they graduate.
Miclights Channel
Miclights Channel
14:05 14 Aug 19
Super software, easy to use and easy to recommend!
Catherine Smartt
Catherine Smartt
12:53 14 Aug 19
Fantastic piece of online accounting software, simple interface, I highly recommend it.
Luke Sweetman-Pell
Luke Sweetman-Pell
19:04 13 Aug 19
A great looking, functional and user friendly piece of technology.
David McCarthy - Managing Director Ark Services
David McCarthy - Managing Director Ark Services
12:35 12 Aug 19
Interface is pretty good, considering it is web based.I got it originally for the sales side -- it is easy to create invoices which are automatically sent out and customers can pay online and the payment is recorded. All great.On the expenses side it is just ok - does the job. Reconciliation works, but is a real weak point of the system. It is let down not just by the inevitable slower performance of any web-based system, but also by extra steps needed for things that really shouldn't be necessary. As an example, during reconciliation, let's say you come across a bank charge and you want to create a new transaction. So click to create new transaction, click to select Journal Entry (there's no shortcut for bank charge), enter in details including selecting the Bank Charges account from the dropdown. Click to save. Click to confirm. Back in the reconciliation screen you now need to scroll down and find the new transaction and select it and click to match the transaction! Bear in mind every Click requires a roundtrip to their server, so depending on your connection and their server performance, it can feel quite slow. I know it does for me (on a 7meg connection).
Mike Cahn
Mike Cahn
10:31 12 Aug 19
Bullet has been a game changer for me. Its so easy to use and makes the daunting task of managing your finances a walk in the park! It also allows you to present yourself in a profession manner with their selection of templates. It's a great service and I'd highly recommend it.
Barbara-Ann Chaney
Barbara-Ann Chaney
17:08 08 Aug 19
So far Loving Bullet, it has everything i need at this time in my business, hope that all goes well for them and that others may get as much joy out of them as I do....thanks Bullet for Everything !
Tanya Kruger
Tanya Kruger
15:29 08 Aug 19
Love Bullet, so easy to use and great customer support!
Caroline White
Caroline White
12:54 08 Aug 19
Great website, easy to use & understand, using it now for past 3 years, every bit of it a positive experience.
Tom O'Connell
Tom O'Connell
11:16 08 Aug 19
I have been using Bullet for 2 years now after changing from a different accounts solution. I am very happy with it's ease of use and support when I need it.
Brendan Flanagan
Brendan Flanagan
12:20 07 Aug 19
Great product and service, a few quirks but that could be more down to me than Bullet!
Dermot Byrne
Dermot Byrne
21:04 06 Aug 19
Super bit of software, our small business would be lost without it!
Dave Ur
Dave Ur
19:36 06 Aug 19
Plain English accounting package that is straight forward to use. Highly recommend.
Bambus Solutions
Bambus Solutions
16:56 06 Aug 19
Started using Bullet in January after manually doing invoices using templates & excel spreadsheet. Has definitely made things simpler and the dashboard gives me a quick reference on how I'm doing month to month. As a one-person business anything that saves me time and gives me a clearer financial picture is greatly appreciated!
Meadhbh Hand
Meadhbh Hand
16:20 06 Aug 19
Bullet is a great service and makes work life much easier for me. I would highly recommend Bullet to anyone.
Laura Leahy
Laura Leahy
08:30 06 Aug 19
I have hated doing my accounts forever, always procrastinate on it, get overwhelmed, anxious and it's just a nightmare.Bullet makes doing my accounts tolerable, and almost enjoyable.
John Caprani
John Caprani
20:47 04 Aug 19
By far the best and most simple accounting and invoice and payment management software available for small and medium size businesses. So easy to create invoices and track then through to payment. Also very useful automated tax management in there. Am recommending to everyone I know.
Colm Moore
Colm Moore
11:40 04 Aug 19
Great Product, Simple to use but powerful support for your business.
Keith MacHale
Keith MacHale
16:03 02 Aug 19
Really like this software and easy to use
Conor Blundell
Conor Blundell
14:31 01 Aug 19
I'm a sole trader (Aux1 Design) and I've been using Bullet for 7+ years now, it's a very user friendly system that's makes my work a lot easier, totally reliable and I've never had any issues with their service. I would highly recommend these guys!
Kevin O'Sullivan
Kevin O'Sullivan
11:40 31 Jul 19

Get paid faster with a beautiful online invoicing software

Bullet’s 100% free online invoices allow you to get paid online, upsell products, view read receipts and lots more.

# Speedup cash flow by getting paid quickly and easily.

# Better understand clients & know when they’ve opened your invoices.

# Use invoice headers to upsell your follow on services.

Online invoice with a beautiful header image
Get paid fast and accept credit card payments

Get online invoices paid within 2 days, crush your cash flow.

Get your small business invoices paid by Credit Card, Stripe or Paypal. You’ll love it and your customers will too.

# On average get paid with in 2 days with Bullet.

# Ingrate Paypal, Stripe and accept Credit and Debit cards.

# Great cash flow driver for small businesses.

Bullet is 100% free, no caps, no limits

Bullet’s Online Accounting, Invoicing and more is 100% free

# No limits use it as often as you like.

# No caps create millions of transactions.

# No online adverts we don’t spam people.

Bullet is 100% free. Use Invoicing, accounting, receipt scanning and more, with no limits and no fees.

Bullet automates all your small business accounting tasks

We built all the accounting rules into our software so you don’t have to learn them.  Our simple workflows make it impossible to make mistakes.
Small business todo list to help you get organised

Tristan Hutchinson - Fine Art Photographer

“Started using Bullet for my accounts
seems pretty slick”

Free, secure, live banking feeds for reconciliation

Connect Bullet to you bank account and get your bank statements imported automatically as they update.

# Reconcile your bank statement lines with Bullet.

# We do all the heavy lifting and save you time.

# Unlike Xero we don’t break your banks T&C’s.

Small business bank reconciliation
Instant support for your small business

You're never on your own with our instant chat support

As a small business, you’re busy. Waiting for next day responses kills your schedule.

# Never feel anxious, a human is always here for you.

# 8 min’s is our median responce time or for 97.6% of calls.

# Support isn’t outsourced, it’s all done inhouse.

Real Recommendations : Real Community

Image shows the invoice header of KaroArt Ceramic Design
Karolina “I love how soft the upsell is”

Image shows the invoice header of Elle & Co
Lauren “A great way to reinforce brand”

Image shows the invoice header of FF
Maru “It just makes business more personal”

Image shows the invoice header of the Website Shop
Cian “It made our estimates jump out”

Image shows the invoice header of Partners In Digital Communication
Rob “Bullet just makes life so easy”

Image shows the invoice header of
Aileen “I love the instant chat support”

See how much other accounting software costs

Here is a list of all the accounting software you’re probably going to review. We’ve put together a table of costs to help you make that decision.

The Real Costs of OthersYearly Cost
Alternative to Wave accounting v1Sells your data, very slow due to banner adverts, not real accounting productPersonal Data & Time
Alternative to Excel accounting v1No backup, no accounting rules built in, high risk of error$140
Alternative to Xero accountingComplex, designed for accountants, $40 pm plus additional accountant fees$480
Alternative to Freshbooks accounting v1$50 per month for a bloated invoicing app, raised some money, under pressure$600
Alternative to Quickbooks accounting v1$60 per month for an old clunky accounting product$720
Alternative Bullet accounting v1Free, Fast, Modern, full accounting and invoicing with easy error checking workflows and instant human support$Free 100%

Receipt scanner for expenses & on the go chatbot

Manage your expenses and receipts with Bullet’s free mobile app. Ask your bot questions on the go.

# Keep all your receipts in one handy place, no more paper.

# Make it easy to claim expenses off your tax.

# Use our chat bot while on the go, get answers fast.

Bullet Mobile Bot and Receipt App Available for iPhone and Android

Mobile Receipt scanning and smart Bot for iPhone, Windows and Android
Reports for your small business

Full Management Reports to reduce accounting fees

Bullet is a full accounting product, you’ll never need to migrate to another product as your business grows.

# Full management reports, and expense reports.

# All reports updated automagically, no manual work.

# Zero accounting knowledge needed to produce all reports.

Here is a quick overview of Bullet’s small business software

Don’t forget you can talk to us about anything with our instant chat, any question just ask.

Online Invoicing

Send beautiful invoices, recurring, read receipts, online payments

Attach files to transactions

Sync your Dropbox or Google Drive to Bullet & import anything.

Estimates that pop

Use the invoice banners to make your estimates popout and win business.

Mobile Accounting

Bullet works on iPhone, Android, Windows phones & tablets.

Receipt Scanners

Free receipt scanner app works on both Android and iPhone

Bills & Loans

Track all your bills, loans and recurring payments easily.


Full multi currency accounting software right to the bank account.

Bank Reconciliation

Securely connect your bank accounts to Bullet for live feeds.

Instant Support

Never be alone. Someone at Bullet is only 13 minutes away to help you.
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Free Small Business Accounting & Invoicing

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