Bullet all-in-one software for a small businesses works like a clockwork

How it works &builds your profit

Bullet is more than just an all-in-one toolkit built on a finance platform — it’s a better way to work. Founders that work on Bullet are more in control, less stressed and can easily see how profitable projects are, because all our tools talk to another.

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project mgmt

Project Management

Meet your client and build out your project plan in Bullet Projects, then send it with one click to Bullet Proposals.
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Your client approves your proposal. Client and team are synced and project locked. Now you can charge for feature creep.
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The approved proposal triggers a Bullet invoice for your client. Get paid 8 days faster with Bullets-integrated online payments.
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Accounts & Receipts

Bullet Accounts syncs with your bank account and automatically calculates the running costs of your business and its projects.

BTW, we also automate your accounts.

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bank building


Bullet Accounts and Bullet Projects talk to one another, giving you the live profit margin you’re making on the project.
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Project Monitoring

Bullet Projects lets you know areas your project is running over in and how to fix it before the project loses money.

Track and bill for feature creep, a locked transparent proposal removes those awkward client chats.

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chat and comms


Bullet Chat is part of Bullet Projects. All tasks, and task comments get fed directly into Bullet Chat.

Turn chats into tasks so you never lose actions.
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500,000 people use Bullets tools

  • Everything you need to do is in the one place, not across a million apps, with a million notifications. It’s all just clear.

    -John Reid, Clear Water

  • I’m not sure how we worked before Bullet, that’s probably all I can say.

    -Niall Latch, Innovation Software

  • It just has the features you need without all the bloat. Super simple software, that’s powerful

    -Victoria Cullen, Bridge Design

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