What you’ll Master:

Using Bullets new online invoicing read receipts you’ll learn:

  • How to keep on top of cashflow.
  • Know when your client has seen your receipt.

That old chestnut

‘Oh I didn’t get that invoice’, we’ve all heard it, and you’ve no proof to argue the point. Bullet is constantly striving to improve your online accounting experience and use tech to help you run your business. Sending online invoices is the most important part to any business. If you don’t get paid you’re not in business, so we’ve created this little feature to help you.

How to do it:

Just create an invoice like normal and email it to your client. Bullet will embed a tiny little one pixel clear image in the e-mail that does the tracking. When the client opens the mail or it enters their email reader, Bullet will get notified of delivery. Then we’ll update the invoice status straight away in your profile view. We’ll also add the read receipt information into your invoice history to you can assess it if a dispute should arise. Your client isn’t aware this is happening, but you can let them know if you wish. Bingo, you’re now in control of the credit process.

 Bullet - Create an online invoice


2-Bullet Online-Invoicing-Read-Receipt


3-Bullet Online-Invoicing-Read-Receipt-Open

Improve Cash Flow Tricks:

  • Send a note to say, “I see you’ve got the online invoice let me know if there are any questions”. They’ll know you’re on top of things.
  • The other trick is create a separate email account with ‘Accounts Payable’, in the signature for online invoicing so your client knows the process is automated. This helps to preserve your great relationship with your client

Take Home

It’s not that hard to get paid faster, but it’s really important. Creditors say late payments cost small businesses 3% of total revenue. With the average businesses doing 200k in revenue doing these simple tips could save you 6,000 a year that’s a lots shoes.




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