How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page

Throughout 2011 in Ireland, LinkedIn grew at a much faster rate than Facebook – with user numbers up 11%.  Everyone who wants a Facebook account already has one. A LinkedIn Company Page is still the untapped Wild West of social networking for business, but not for long. The land-grabbers are already arriving.

So here’s 5 Top Tips that will get you ahead of the pack.

In order to create a LinkedIn company page, you need to have an email address with your company domain – for example, ben@bullethq.com. Addresses tied to free email services like Gmail won’t work.

To add your company, click on ‘Companies’ in the navigation bar near the top of the home page. At the Companies page, click the ‘Add a Company’ link in the upper right.


1. Take Control:  Define who will be page administrators. You have two choices: either all employees with a valid email address registered to your domain or designated users only.  The choice depends on your company structure and personal preference. If you would prefer to maintain control, select designated users.


LinkedIn Admins

With great power comes great responsibility. Like Spiderman, but with more web.


2. Ground Your Branding:  There are two logos that you can upload: one standard logo for the general LinkedIn Company Page and a square logo that will appear when you post a status update. It’s best to pick logos that fit, as they will be compressed and may distort the image. The square logo is critical because it will appear on all of your followers’ network updates, they should know with one quick glance where their great updates are coming from!

How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page Logos

Standard means rectangle in LinkedIn-speak

3. Optimise Wording:  Just as you would embed keywords in your website to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you want to do the same with your company’s description and specialties.  Choose keywords that your customers might look for. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice professional for literal. This isn’t a corporate pitch!  Though you’ll want to keep your branding in mind when completing your company’s page, it can help to tweak some of the wording so that your company floats to the top during a relevant LinkedIn Companies search. Think human.

How To Create A Linked Company Page Company Description
Reuben does make a great coffee, but we left that out in the end.


4. All About Location:  When people search for a service provider, they naturally look for someone close to home. LinkedIn facilitates this by providing an option to narrow the search by location. Your LinkedIn Company Page gives you the ability to add up to five different locations. If you have multiple places of business, make sure you list all of them so that you get maximum exposure.

How To Create A Linkedin Company Page Company Location

Please, no fan mail. Martha, I appreciated the flowers but it's just not going to happen.


5. Stay Social:  Companies are able to publish status updates that all their followers can see. Unlike Facebook, there is no EdgeRank on LinkedIn, so you can rest easy knowing all your followers will see your updates. Be aware of the professional demographic that is LinkedIn, and only share information that appeals to them. The goal is to have them engaging with your LinkedIn Company Page and spreading the good word.


How to Create A LinkedIn Company Page Company Updates

Yep, we set up Bullet for the same price as that Macbook.


There is a lot more that you can do with your page, primarily by marketing and establishing robust Products and Services pages (which we’ll deal with in an upcoming post). But the above tips should help get your company’s presence on LinkedIn Companies off to a good start.

We’re not long on LinkedIn ourselves, and would welcome any feedback on how we’re doing. You can find us on LinkedIn here.

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