New entrepreneurs often focus on getting Sales and building their reputation by word of mouth. Asking to get paid can be awkward and if you have to do it in person you may be tempted to be too nice.  You can formalise the process of collecting payment by using a simple and effective tool to produce and send invoices to your Customer. An invoice is a bill that sets out details of a product or service and the price that has been agreed. Other details can be included, such as, payment terms. Billing your Customer on time increases the likelihood of getting paid on time.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the method you use for communicating with current and future customers. Some believe CRM requires the use of sophisticated and expensive Software, but this isn’t always the case.

Formalizing your most basic points of communication with your Customer reaps benefits in terms of CRM. Bullet has a free online invoice creator, a billing tool that, automates part of this process for you. Using an invoicing tool like Bullet, simplifies, formalises and regularises the process of getting money into your business.  If you’ve never created an invoice before or aren’t confident with computers, there’s no need to be concerned. It only takes a few clicks of a mouse to get an invoice done on Bullet.

What makes using an Online Invoice or Billing Tool a necessity for your Business?

  • Requesting payment by invoice formalises the getting paid process
  • Using an Invoice System looks more professional to your Customer.
  • You can stick your Logo on it
  • Billing online is fast, free and painless
  • An invoice is a record of products sold or service provided
  • Helps you keep track of your business
  • Tracks VAT
  • Gets you paid on time
  • The invoice can be created on any computer anywhere
  • Keeps your Customer Happy!


Check out our Invoicing Software App here to see how easy it is to get started.

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