Questions & AnswersWhy does this site – – steal content that is not your own from rrd party tweets and RSS feeds?
phollows asked 7 years ago

Such as this one, found in a search: 

Peter Connor Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi P,<br><br>We don't steal content. We retweet content specific to our and their target market. We put a header on it like a banner advert as it's to our network. No different to embedding a youtube video or presentation in a blog.<br><br>The original content/design/signups etc are intact, left alone and there is no passing off. If the publisher doesn't want us to publish to our network we've no problem removing it at all. So far that hasn't happened. <br><br>Thanks <br><br>Pete

phollows replied 7 years ago

You surround the content on a frame in this site, where it is found by visitors. Your toolbar and logo are atop it, so it looks like your content, and then you popup a dialog asking for a subscription to YOUR content, not the site you’re wrapping. It doesn’t matter that you don’t touch the content in the frame, it is wittingly misleading, it is lead generation for YOU, and that is unethical. Stop it.

phollows replied 7 years ago

And you think people don’t object? It’s because they don’t know. And when they find out, they respond like this:
From @markwschaefer, whose content you’re wrapping “What a world. No boundaries to stealing content. Thanks for the heads-up @phollows: @ultimape”

Opt out is never an acceptable response to the misleading practices you’re engaging in. You should not be doing it in the first place.

Peter Connor Staff replied 7 years ago

Thanks again for coming back on this Phil.

I’ve contacted Michael already, I met him while he was here in Dublin with a mutual friend. I’ve been a fan of his content for a while now and have dialed in to some of his workshops.

I still feel we’ve nothing to hide, and I think that’s pretty obvious. At no point to do alter the original site nor try and mask our own branding.

I don’t see any difference between our site and say a site like, or any other social news site. We’re just aggregating content and sharing it out like embedding a tweet or Youtube video.

We’re a very open company so genuinely welcome your thoughts. The matters with Michael now.

Have a good weekend Phil.

Thanks again.