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Louise Miller Staff asked 8 years ago

Good Afternoon

I had a look at the online payroll software of your system, although I could not download a trial I did read through the FAQ and got the information I required.  One of my clients uses your software for accounting purposes but they would like to start using the payroll module also but before they sign up I would like to know the following :
1.  Can an additional user be set up and at what cost ?  (ie : for me to dial in remotely to process the monthly payroll)
2.  Are the payroll journals automatically posted to the accounts module (accounts / payroll integrated) ?
3.  Cost per month for 9 employees is €31 (€4 base and €3 per employee) – is that correct ?
joefink replied 7 years ago

How do I use Payroll? I’ve not found any link for it on my account or a place to buy it. I searched the forums but all the screen shots I found show Payroll as an option under Employees but I don’t have that option in my dashboard.

I want to track and send payroll to employees. What do I need to do that?

Peter Connor Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Joe,

Hmm, can you email me (peter at your account details (email address) and I’ll have a look. You can run payroll from both sole trader and limited company.

Shoot me those details and I’ll have a look for you.