We are delighted to be the winners of the e-business category in the Eircom Spider Awards last night for our online accounting software!  While I was at home nursing a serious dose of Manflu, we sent a very dapper looking Peter off to represent us at the awards, and he came home with one of these, which now had pride of place on our office mantelpiece.

Bullethq - Irish Online Accounting Software Ireland

Bullethq - Receiving the Eircom Spider Award

Here’s what the judges said about Bullet:

The winner of this category represents true innovation, and is an outstanding example of the strength of Ireland’s grass roots level digital economy. The service offered is incredibly inventive, and the interface is excellently designed from a content and usability perspective.

It is fantastic for us to get this recognition from the likes of Realex Payments and Simply Zesty – and it’s a real win for our team who put a lot of effort into the making the product as simple as possible.

Up next, we plan to enter Peter into “Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model” – you heard it heard first folks!

Bullethq's Eircom Spider Award

Can also be used as a deadly weapon



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