Bullet Free Online Accounting Software API

Bullet Free Online Accounting Software API

We’ve been working hard at Bullet to Build the API for our Accounting Software. We realised how hard it is to build full double entry accounting and payroll software but realised how many fintech products could benefit from having access to its engine. Weather that is you just don’t want to build an invoicing engine because it’s not core to your product, or you’re looking to extract calculated results to build your dashboard. Either way we started to think more of Bullet as becoming a platform for the community fintech developers to help the community of small business owners.

The initial v1 release of the API is a pilot version of the API for experimental use only. The entire stack will eventually be driven off of the API, but for now a limited set of endpoints have been exposed to allow for library and script addons to be developed. If you want to gain access to future releases simply signup below


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Here is a high level overview of the API, you can find more information at our API community site (which we’ll be adding to over time).


It’s required.

URL Prefix

In order to maintain version integrity into the future, the API is versioned. All calls currently begin with the following prefix: https://accounts-app.bullethq.com/api/v1/

RESTful Interface

Wherever possible, the API seeks to implement repeatable patterns with logical, representative URLs and descriptive HTTP verbs.

  • GET will retrieve information about a element or retrieve all elements
  • POST will create an element
  • PUT will update a single element
  • DELETE will remove a single element

Sending Data

Information can be sent in the body as form urlencoded or JSON, but make sure the Content-Type header matches the body structure or the server gremlins will be angry.


API Endpoints

Here are the current endpoints accessible to the Accounting Software API, we’ll be opening more over time.

Be sure to let us know if you have any requirements just drop a mail to
so the whole team can see it.

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