Why should I use LinkedIn? It’s a question we get a lot.

Our last post (here) showed you some tips on setting up a LinkedIn company page. Hopefully you’ve been convinced to set one up. If you have, smile smugly in your all-knowing ways as you mail this to your colleagues. If you haven’t, we’re a little disappointed.
Here are 6 more reasons why you should use LinkedIn.

  1. Own Your Online Presence – Forget what your mum told you about being all you ever wanted to be. Today, you are who Google says you are. Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)  is essential for firms. Google gives LinkedIn company and personal profiles high authority and generally ranks them well for queries that include a company name, brand or employee’s name.  The more links you can control on the first page of Google, the more traffic you’ll get. Traffic is a good thing.
    Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

    Except here.


  2. Build Your Brand’s Reputation– Make sure all employees are connected to the company page. Your employees adding connections, answering questions and participating in group discussions has two benefits. First, your company’s brand will be much more visible. Second, your employees will start to be seen as go-to people. Through the “Answers” function, when you post answers, other users outside of your network can view your responses and learn about you and your company.
    Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

    Being active enough makes you as good at LinkedIn as this guy. A pity he wasn't that active on the sports field.


  3. Nurture Your Leads – By actively participating on LinkedIn, there are plenty of opportunities to offer up your content. Having good intentions; this is with the purpose of helping people solve their problems. Cynically, this is a great opportunity to promote your content. If your PDF or blog post is relevant,  post a link to it.  LinkedIn users that sign up for future updates are now in your lead nurturing campaign.
    Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

    Mwuhaha. They are forever trapped into receiving regular updates of engaging and interesting content.


  4. Targeted Advertising – There’e plenty of scope to define your audience as LinkedIn allows you to place ads in front of the individuals you want to engage with.  You can target your ad by location, job function, industry, company size, seniority, age and gender, as well as company name, LinkedIn group and job title.  LinkedIn’s social ads are affordable, and can be very powerful for driving visibility. Your ad will display either along the top, bottom or right-hand side of a member’s home or profile page, and can contain both text and an image. Link your ad to either your own website, your LinkedIn company page, your group or anywhere else you might want to send your visitor for further information. In terms of cost, LinkedIn ads run very much the same as other text ad systems, on an auction or bid basis. You can pay either for CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).
    Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

    Bullet assumes no responsibility for (very) likely damage to laptops from targeted advertising in this respect.


  5. Recruiting New Talent –  One of the most valuable uses of LinkedIn is for job search and recruiting. LinkedIn is a great place to find highly qualified future employees.  It is easily searched via keyword, profile, geography and company.  See who has been checking out your profile – they’re showing interest in your company.  Leverage your ‘Careers’ tab to promote job opportunities at your company and direct them to your website to apply. If they see something they are interested in, they can contact you and ask to be connected to your network.  These options are viable ways to find the right person, whether you are looking to find potential customers or other business associates to partner with.
    Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

    The Enter Key wasn't too fond of head office's decision to seek corporate sponsorship


  6. Promote Products and Services – In addition to profiles, companies can now list their products and services with links back to their websites and YouTube videos.  Also, companies can have existing clients review their products and/or services on LinkedIn. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add a video! Use this space to explain your products, services, and value proposition in a video format. Any video content you use must already be hosted on YouTube. Placing videos near product descriptions and product recommendations can be very powerful.  In the new LinkedIn Products and Services page you see videos right when they are most desired, when prospects, vendors and friends are viewing your company information.
    Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

    We ran out of silly jokes. Here's a screenshot of our LinkedIn Products page.

    Please, set up a LinkedIn profile. I’m feeling needy at this stage.

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