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Join more than 6,000 small businesses that use Bullet and never feel alone
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Anxious? Never feel like that again.

When you run a small business time isn’t on your side.
Never wait for more than a couple of minutes for a chat window, then it’s one to one.
Never be anxious again.

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All your community support questions here

Don’t forget you can talk to us about anything with our instant chat

What support do you offer

We’ll answer a question from anywhere, but in-app chat is our main channel

Compete my end of year

No, they’re specific to where you live. Concept of year end does not exist in Bullet.

Will you answer tax questions

Not at the moment, but our community is growing past 6,000 businesses.

How quick do you answer

Our max response time is 8 min. But we usually get back in 2:)

I'm terrible at numbers

Bullet won’t allow mistakes, we’re here to chat about everything else.

Is this outsourced support

Nope, it’s 100% inhouse Bullet staff, even our founders answer questions.

I'm anxious about starting

That’s perfectly normal that’s why we built Bullet with chat support.

How else do you support

Over 3,070 answered questions on our forum, plus giveaways, training & more

Do you have chat bot

No, all the answers on our chat is answered by real person.

Every customer is important to us

Look how much our community loves us, our customer voted Net Promoter Score ® beat Apple, Netflix, & Zappo’s..

# Every conversation you have will be with a Bullet staff member.

# We’ll only ever be a few of minutes away from helping you.

# Ask any question, never feel ashamed.

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View of Bullets chatbot - ask your Bullet accounts a question on the go and get an answer.

Our chat bot answers quick questions on the go

When you’re on the go you just want quick answers, our chat bot does that.

# Get your bank balance instantly.

# Find out if you have been paid that invoice.

# Quickly check outstanding bills.

Mike Cahn - Indi Tech

“Online help response time is almost instant.
Fantastic product & service!”

Faster support for a better community

When you’re running a small business you’re doing everything, waiting for an answer means putting your business on hold.

# Answers in less than 8 min, 23hrs 52 min’s less than most.

# Stop feeling alone, and get that answer faster than a click.

# Why waste hours searching, when you’ve  the answer.

Image of dropbox, google drive, the apple and android logos showing you all the ways you capture receipts with Bullet
View of popular support questions on our small business community forum

Gain over 6,000 business friends

Starting out on your own can be hard, having 6,000 people in the same boat feels great.

# Community brings the power of many to the power of one.

# Helping yourself feels good, helping others feels great.

# Pay it forward, empowers you and the world you live in.

Snapshot of our helpful features

All the support you need, no catches just friendly help.

# Never be on your own again.

# Never feel anxious again.

# Have all your answers in an instant.

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See how much other accounting software costs

Here is a list of all the accounting software you’re probably going to review. We’ve put together a table of costs to help you make that decision.
The Real Costs of Others Yearly Cost
Alternative to Wave accounting v1 Sells your data, very slow due to banner adverts, not real accounting product Personal Data & Time
Alternative to Excel accounting v1 No backup, no accounting rules built in, high risk of error $140
Alternative to Xero accounting Complex, designed for accountants, $40 pm plus additional accountant fees $480
Alternative to Freshbooks accounting v1 $50 per month for a bloated invoicing app, raised some money, under pressure $600
Alternative to Quickbooks accounting v1 $60 per month for an old clunky accounting product $720
Alternative Bullet accounting v1 Free, Fast, Modern, full accounting and invoicing with easy error checking workflows and instant human support $Free 100%
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