Tax Deadlines this month.

It’s good to familiarise yourself with these and be ready to submit returns sooner rather than later. The important ones for most businesses this month are Preliminary Tax(self-assessment), Income Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE and PRSI (including USC). Even if you are not a mandatory e-Filer, the Revenue Online Service is a fast, efficient and secure way to file your return and pay your taxes. Those who are already using Bullet can relax as we’ve got your returns ready to upload. You’ll see that in your “to-do list” on your Bullet Dashboard.

If’ you’ve landed here after searching for ways to get your accounts done and pay your taxes, you’ve come to the right place! Bullet is the easiest Accounts Software to use on the Irish Market and makes you fully compliant automatically.

October Tax Deadlines Table

Taken from Revenue.ie

PAYE and PRSI (P30)

Because you’re paying employees using Bullet Payroll, your P30 for September is complete and ready for return.  Just hit the upload button by the deadline date and Bullet uploads it to ROS for you. If you need to get your employee wages records up to date, check out Bullet’s guide to getting started with payroll

Corporation Tax (CT1)

C T is charged on the Profits of a Company.

12.5% on Trading income (Manufacturing, construction, sale of goods and/or services for profit)

25% of Non Trading income (investments, rental income, developing land)

If you’re Accounting Period is 1st Jan to 31st Dec, you must pay the Preliminary amount for this year and any balance due from last year.

Self-Assessment Taxpayers – Pay and File (Form 11)

You are a self-assessed taxpayers, if you are a self-employed individuals and/or an individual with non-PAYE income such as rental income or investment income.

If you are self-assessed, under Pay and File, you must pay any Income Tax due  for 2013 and file your 2012 Return on or before 31 October 2013. This means that you should estimate your own liability for Nov and Dec to meet your Pay and File obligations.

Under Pay and File you must, by 31 October 2013:
♦ File your 2012 Income Tax Return,
♦ Pay any balance outstanding for 2012,
♦ Pay your Preliminary Income Tax for 2013.

A more detailed explanation can be found on the Revenue Commissioners web-site: click here

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