Apple Maps! We set out to do something when we set up Bullet. It wasn’t to dazzle investors to get funding; we’re bootstrapped. Nor were we looking to flip the company and make a quick buck. We simply wanted to take something that was broken and fix it – the best way we knew how.

Bullethq - Open Letter Of Apology For Apple Maps IOS6

What has all of this got to do with Apple Maps? We have a (pretty handy) iPhone app, you can read the process of designing it here. This serves 1 purpose: to allow customers reduce their tax bill in the most convenient way. The app has two elements to it:  you can photograph receipts which we then input into your payroll as expenses and reduce your VAT bill. The other is our mileage tracker, which uses the phone’s GPS to locate your start and end position of a business trip. We then calculate the distance and claim back the mileage allowance for you through your payroll.

Last week, Apple forced everyone to move to Apple Maps. Although the maps service works, it is not what we want for our customers. We’re great fans of Apple and great fans of Google, but for different reasons. Apple’s mapping service is beyond sub standard in comparison to Google’s. It’s much slower to load and is lacking a lot of detail. We have kept Googles map service with in our website’s mileage section, as it’s under our control. But sadly we can’t control what map services gets used on the iPhone.

This note is simply to say this: Bullet’s iPhone app will work on the new IOS6, but it won’t work as well as you deserve.

Sincerest Apologies,

John & Pete


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