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Simple online payroll, mac friendly
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Mac Friendly Online Payroll For Small Businesses

*Payroll is only available in Ireland. We have employee functions in our international product.
Overview screen of the online payroll software.

Small Business Payroll Questions Answered

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Is Payroll Mac Friendly

Bullets Payroll works on any device connected to the web.

What about tax

We 100% automate all your payroll tax returns, no calc’s needed.

What if I've questions

We’ve 100% free instant chat support, ask questions, get answers.

I'm a novice

Payroll is completely workflow based, zero knowledge needed.

How easy to setup

Import your P2C file & Bullet will set-up payroll instantly.

P45s, P60s, Payslips...

Bullet creates your P35, P35l, P45,P60 Payslips, Expense Reports and more.

Don't want to mess it up

Our workflows error check as you’re creating payroll.

Any payroll reports

Sure, Gross to net detail and Gross to net total.

What about expenses

Anything marked as paid by an employee is automatically added to payroll.

To-do driven payroll, never miss a thing

Our to-do lists mean you never miss a trick, always know what’s next and simply click to execute.

# To-do will always prompt you for the next payroll action.

# Never miss a Revenue return, we’ll prompt you.

# Feel in control as completed items move to ‘today’s achievements’.

Screen grab of Bullet online payroll small business with easy to follow todo's
Screen grab of Bullet online payrolls integration to ROS online

Full integration to Revenue Online's ROS

Simply click upload on any tax return and we’ll open ROS with a simple guide on how to upload your first return.

# Step by step instructions on how to upload a return to ROS.

# Mark your payroll tax returns as done within the one screen.

# Have everything you need, all in plain english instructions.

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“Just got support from Bullet
team Bullet are great

All payroll taxes automated, just upload

All the taxes you need to run mid year and end of year payroll are all automatically created for you.

# All your mid year P30 tax returns are created for you.

# All your end of year P35l tax returns are created for you.

# All taxes needed for payroll are automated for you.

Screen grab of Bullets mac friendly payroll with fully automated tax returns
Screen grab of Bullets mac friendly simple interface

Simple interface for simple payroll

Simply import your P2C file and we’ll create all your employees and their taxes. Everything else is one click away.

# Super simple software designed for the novice.

# Simple workflows with all the payroll logic built in.

# Error checking every step of the way.

Free instant support for any questions

Running payroll for a small business can by an anxious activity. To compound that you’re busy learning new skills while trying to keep the business running.

# No more next day Payroll support or hours on searching Google.

# All Payroll support is inhouse no outsourced support.

# 97% of our calls answered in under 8 minutes.

Screen grab of our instant payroll support.

App: Payroll *Ireland Only

Online Mac Friendly Payroll: €4 per month Base Fee, €3 per month per employee for first 10, €1 per month for every employee after 10

0 employees, Base Fee €4 plus = Total €0per month

See how much other accounting software costs

Here is a list of all the accounting software you’re probably going to review. We’ve put together a table of costs to help you make that decision.
The Real Costs of OthersYearly Cost
Alternative to wave accountingSells your data, very slow due to banner adverts, not real accounting productPersonal Data & Time
Alternative to Excel accountingNo backup, no accounting rules built in, high risk of error$140
Alternative to Quickbooks accounting$39.95 per month for an old clunky accounting product$480
Alternative to Freshbooks accounting$50 per month for a bloated invoicing app, raised some money, under pressure$600
Alternative to Xero accountingComplex, designed for accountants, $70pm plus additional accountant fees$840
Alternative to Bullet accountingFree, Fast, Modern, full accounting and invoicing with easy error checking workflows and instant human support$Free 100%
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