Lovin Dublin Most Shared Of 2014

Lovin Dublin Most Shared Of 2014

Lovin Dublin, the Dublin centric blog that reviews restaurants and recipes has had  a bumper year of growth. They’ve built a strong community of followers, with their Facebook page ranking up 33,808 and their Twitter account topping 35.4k

The blog is moving more from reviews to a lifestyle blog, running events like Lovin Live where they touched more serious issues around Mental Health.




At BulletHq we decided to have a look to see what kind of articles were grabbing the attention of Dublin folk. The best way to do that is to drop their site into BussZumo and have a look at the stories that have been shared the most.

Here is a list of their top 10 shared blog posts about living in Dublin. We’ll start at their bottom 🙂

At Number 10 with 1,880 Shares, From @niallharbison

Top 10 Pints Of Guinness In Dublin

“We are fond of making lists to help people find the best stuff in Dublin. Although we are normally pretty close to reaching a consensus among all readers the odd row does start with people rightly disagreeing and having their own favorites…”


At Number 9 with 2,052 Shares, From @niallharbison

There Is A New Dublin Hero And He Is Called Sparguy

“People give out all the time about social media and it does bring out a certain amount of bitchiness but the odd time it throws up a hero like this. Nothing we can add. Perfection. Fair play to #sparguy…”


At Number 8 with 2,150 Shares, From @niallharbison

The 10 Places With The Highest Hipster Density Per Square Foot In Dublin

“Love them or hate them there are hipsters roaming all over this city and they are multiplying at an alarming rate with their handle bar moustaches, fixie bikes and clothes made from hemp…”


At Number 7 with 2,190 Shares, From @niallharbison

Where are the best places to get the Ride when in Dublin

“I’m sure there will be uproar about the title but let me explain a little something to you… All those guys going into town with their grungy looks and the girls in their high heels and short skirts in the middle of winter…”



At Number 6 with 2,204 Shares, From @dubglutenfree (Amanda Howe)

Don’t let your dietary requirements hold you back: 10 best gluten free restaurants in Dublin

“The Lovin Dublin crew asked me to do up my top ten of gluten free restaurants in Dublin. Putting them in order was actually really hard. My list changes as I try new places, but the restaurants on this list are constants…”


At Number 5 with 2,686 Shares, From @CarolineForan

Watch: Awesome video of a year in Dublin

“You’ll be hard pressed not to get goosebumps watching this video, it’ll make you all kinds of happy and proud to be a Dubliner. Video by Zooko Creative…”


At Number 4 with 2,785 Shares, From @CarolineForan

11 places to go knacker drinking on Good Friday. Sorry, God.

“I’ll probably go to hell for this, (or prison?) but sure lookit, I’ve had a good run. Besides, the last time I observed anything Catholic or was even at mass was probably for a wedding, and before that it was likely when I was about 7 years old, picking my nose, sitting on a pew, waiting for the priest to hurry the hell up so I could go home and play with my Christmas presents…”


At Number 3 with 2,918 Shares, From @emmakenneally

13 Of The Best Posters From Today’s Irish Water Protest

“I’ve just come from the protest, and while the first thing you notice is the heaving throngs of impassioned people wanting for their voices to be heard, the second thing you notice is the effort and creativity that has been put into the sea of signs bobbing above people’s heads! Have a look below at the signs we snapped at the protest today…”


At Number 2 with 2,918 Shares, From @niallharbison

A collection of the best Top 10’s of things to do in Dublin

“We painstakingly make lists of the best things to eat, drink and do in Dublin. We release one a week and people use them as a resource to explore their city. Over the last few months tons of people having been asking us to put them all in one place so as they can point visitors to them and scan through them quickly themselves…”


At Number 1 with 4,380 Shares, From @LovinDublin

8 best places for a peaceful poo in Dublin

“WARNING: This article is not about food whatsoever, quite the opposite in fact. If you are eating food at this moment, put it down as of immediately. Apologies in advance…”


Hope you like the post, you can read more stories on Lovin Dublin

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