Before you create an invoice on Bullet, it’s best to record your Customer’s details. This is so the complete details of their name and address appear on the invoice automatically. You can skip this step if you like, and just type their name in on the Invoice Tool. Only the name then appears on the invoice, which doesn’t look as good (i.m.o.).

How to set up a new Customer’s details on Bullet:

From the Invoice Tool, select Client Details for the right hand menu and then select Create A New Client:

Enter their details in full. Remember to use Capital Letters for Names and Addresses. You’d be surprised who many people forget this.

Click the review button once you’ve checked that everything is correct, and hit save.

You are redirected from there to another menu. You can select create an invoice or estimate, or add another customer. If you select create a new invoice from here, you will notice that the Customer Name is already populated for you.

Create an invoice in Bullet Application

If you don’t need to change any other details you can go straight to the next step: Entering a description of the goods or services provided.

entering a description of goods and services

Try to be concise but accurate.

Once you’ve completed everything, click on the review button. Here you are prompted if you’ve done anything wrong along the way. If not, continue to save.

You are then taken to a new menu giving you options to e-mail or print your document.

It’s that simple with Bullet.



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