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This is post we’re going to talk about how we built out our mileage application in Bullet. We’ll touch on our integration with Google Maps, with Bullet online payroll, and how we use smart tags in our what’s next screen.

What You’ll Master

  • Working out your mileage
  • Adding it to your payroll
  • Working out the payroll taxes.

How We Approch Mileage In Bullet Online Accounts


For a long time now we’ve tried to get small business to track their mileage. We keep hearing the same ole things, ‘how do I track my coffee receipts’, ‘oh, it’s cool I claim my bins back’. The thing is one round trip to Cork is worth about €350 in tax free money that 87 coffees (just so you know you can’t claim coffees, you can for staff but not for yourself. Also having 87 coffee’s would put you up there with Charlie Sheen). The key thing about mileage is you don’t need a receipt and the goal is to build up enough mileage and expenses so that you make up most of your salary from expenses, remember you don’t pay tax on expenses. Get it?

We created this little mileage calculator to get the message across on how important claiming mileage is, just try it once and you head will explode with WTF’s.

The Rules Of Mileage

There are a couple of things we wanted to do in Bullet. The first thing was allow people to add mileage without having to think about all the rules, there are different cutoff points in mileage so for 1 to x you can calm y per mile, that sort of thing. So we built that into our online mileage calculator, you just click and we’ll manage all the limits. We ask you to fill out all the items revenue will look for, so your audit is Bullet proof.

Online Payroll & Mileage

No point in being able to track mileage if you can’t claim it back. So we take the mileage that you’ve recorded and run it straight through your payroll. You keep racking you your business trips and we’ll keep shoving them into your payroll. When you’re ready to pay yourself all your mileage will be sitting there in expenses, with all the tax worked out and referenced should you get an audit.

Google Maps & Mileage

I know when I was running a client business I was always forgetting to reset my mileage clock in the car. We took care of that in Bullet, we did a deep integration with Google maps. Bullet allows you to, click the map to start and end a journey or you can just type in the street name and we’ll search it for you. We allow you to drag the line to allow for detours, all the time calculating the distance and rules.

What’s Next Screen

As you know we like to be intuitive with our what next screens. So we when you’ve added your mileage the 3 questions we’ll ask you after in our what’s next screen are:

Return Journey – Which flips the journey backwards like Dublin to Cork and the return would be Cork to Dublin.
Same Journey Again – Which would repeat the Dublin to Cork part.
New Journey for Peter  – Which clears the map but keeps the employee part selected so you can enter multiple journeys fast.

What’s why we like links for actions and not buttons, try explaining that in a button.

Take Homes

  • Track your mileage it could save you about €20,000 a year in taxes
  • Forget about the bins and coffees
  • Running a smarter small business is easy


How We Approach A Mileage Calculator In Bullet Online Accounts

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