Mileage Expenses – POW! Vroom Vroom Done the Automated Way from Bullet on Vimeo.

One of our co-founders, Peter Connor, shows us how to claim mileage using Bullet. It only takes two minutes to calculate your mileage to and from locations.

All expenses (including mileage) are kept under ‘Money Out’. Let’s kick off.

You start off by selecting the employee, Peter in this case. Then select your location. Bullet is totally integrated with Google Maps which makes it is so easy. If you’re not sure exactly where, just zoom in on the map and look around. Drag and drop to change routes and locations. This allows for any detours you may have.

Put in the reason for the journey and Bullet automatically calculates both the distance and value. Click Review and check if everything is correct. We automatically allow you to avail of the opportunity to put in a return journey. What’s more, if you rushed home to be in time for dinner, you can remove any detours you had on your first leg.

Click Save and Continue and we’re good to go.

The great thing about Bullet is that fully integrates expenses with payroll. The expenses are automatically added when you go to pay your employees. It really is that simple to claim mileage to and from wherever you’re going!



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