How Bullet Accounts Helped My Website Design Business Grow Nick Butler Ireland Website Design

At Bullet, we’re obsessed with customers. We decided to be a bootstrapped (or customer-strapped as we call it) startup as we felt it focused us 100% on building a product the customer wanted rather than one where you’re just working on where the next piece of funding is coming from. We’re starting a new series of blogs about our customers.

Nick Butler CEO of Ireland Web Design was one of our first customers. We’d talked to Nick when he was setting up his business, we asked questions like what problems he had running his business and that he wanted fixed (yes Nick, invoice profiles are coming), it provided great insight for us. Nick’s been a great customer and has always giving us descriptive feedback on new features, and pushing us when things just didn’t work right. If it wasn’t for Nick and our other customers we wouldn’t be here, so here’s Nicks story.

How Bullet Accounts Helped My Website Design Business Grow?

I had always been good at website design but never gave much taught to doing it as a full time job let alone being self-employed but with the recession looming there was very little chance of finding a decent paying job so I was forced to look at alternatives such as starting my own business.

To get the ball rolling I contacted my local social welfare office and spoke to Kay the jobs facilitator who was very helpful and got me on a start your own business course. The course I did taught a lot of valuable things and I felt ready to start but I couldn’t, with very little money I could not afford an accountant and the whole notion of bookwork was alien to me. I was scared and I even had to hold off starting my business until I could get some help.

Luckily just as Bullet Accounts was starting out I was in a group get together of local start-up businesses when someone in the group mentioned Bullet and its accountancy software, it really appealed to me and I had to log on to the website to find out more. I watched the video (which was great) and signed up for the demo, shortly later I was on the phone chatting to both Pete and John from Bullet who were super helpful. They answered all my silly questions and talked me through the software, it was super easy to use, when you buy something you click money out and when you sell something you click money in, it could not be any easier.

The great thing about Bullet is if you keep it up to date every time you buy or sell just like I do then you can then track your business in real time, I always know how much money my business has made or lost in a month, who owes me money and who I owe money too.

Bullet Accounts also came with an online invoicing feature meaning it gives you a professional looking online invoice which you can send to your client really easy (in fact it works automatically), this was a huge help to me and made my business look that more professional from the get go. Since Bullet is so easy and quick to use it allows me spend more time at the important stuff like making sales and doing some of the hard work that’s needed.

My accountancy/book keeping worries are now over thanks to Bullet and I find my business so easy to run, I would recommend the lads at Bullet  Accounts to anyone and its definitely worth a look, for a website design business it is one very powerful tool to have at your disposal.

My names Nick and I own Ireland Website Design, to find out more click on the link.

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