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Millions of small business invoices created, delivered and paid
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Online invoices with stronger branding designed to sell and get paid

We have designed our invoice to suit all your small business needs. There is a focus on simplicity so you spend more time sending than creating
We’ve added online payments to reduce the stress on your cashflow and yourself
we hope you explore our feature rich invoicing.
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Bullet Features

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Multi Currency

Full multi-currency right to the bank account.

Accept Credit Cards

Accept Credit Cards with Stripe or Paypal.

Mobile Friendly Invoices

Invoices readable on any device, also send PDF’s.

Recurring Invoices

Setup any kind of invoice and automate it easily.

Client Statements

Send client outstanding statements with a single click.

Upsell On Your Invoices

Remind clients of other services you provide.


Send quick estimates and convert to invoices.

Personalise Invoices

Add your own logo, branding and send from your own email address.

Read Receipts

Know when your invoices are opened and who opened them.

Get paid in 2 days, that fast

Online payments get you paid on average in 2 days.

# Bullet lets you accept Debit, Credit Card and Paypal payments.

# We automate all the bills and break down of Stripe/Paypal fees.

# Automatically update all your reports and accounts.

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Invoicing, our 100 % free small business invoicing promise

Our online invoicing software is 100% free, no tricks, no limits.

# No caps, no limits, and no pricing tiers.

# We fund Bullet by selling apps from our apps store.

# Everything outside of the app store is 100% free.

Odhran Ginnity - Fixers App

“We’re a very product focused company
we only pick best in market to use”

Read receipts for online invoices

Invoicing is the life blood of your business, we take it seriously.

# Know when your clients have read your invoices with read receipts.

# Read receipts give you control of your cash flow.

# Always be on top of your business.

Screen grab of Bullets online invoice read receipts.
Image showing how you can use online invoices to upsell with big beautiful header from KaroArt Ceramic

Use your invoices to upsell services

If you’re selling logo design, you probably sell websites, if you sell websites you probably sell marketing, hosting, support and so on. Use your invoices to secure your next job.

# Invoiced for a website, upsell to social media marketing.

# Sell a course, upsell the community membership.

# Passively reinforce brand for free.

Never learn accounts workflows

Get your invoicing done quickly with our built-in workflows. Complete your invoices knowing we’ve updated your accounts.

# Never make a mistake, with Bullet intuitive workflows.

# We speed up your workday suggesting the next step.

# Never learn accounts, Bullet will tell you what to do.

Screen grab of Bullets online invoice workflows.

See how much other accounting software costs

Here is a list of all the accounting software you’re probably going to review. We’ve put together a table of costs to help you make that decision.

The Real Costs of Others Yearly Cost
Alternative to Wave accounting v1 Sells your data, very slow due to banner adverts, not real accounting product Personal Data & Time
Alternative to Excel accounting v1 No backup, no accounting rules built in, high risk of error $140
Alternative to Xero accounting Complex, designed for accountants, $40 pm plus additional accountant fees $480
Alternative to Freshbooks accounting v1 $50 per month for a bloated invoicing app, raised some money, under pressure $600
Alternative to Quickbooks accounting v1 $60 per month for an old clunky accounting product $720
Alternative Bullet accounting v1 Free, Fast, Modern, full accounting and invoicing with easy error checking workflows and instant human support $Free 100%
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Free Small Business Accounting & Invoicing

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