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Enterprise Ireland partners with entrepreneurs, Irish businesses and the research and investment communities to develop Ireland’s international trade, innovation, leadership and competitiveness. The ultimate objective is growth in exports, leading to increased employment and prosperity in Ireland.

Based on 2011 numbers this Enterprise Ireland Infographic outlines that exactly they spend their money. This infographic is taken from Enterprise Irelands 2011 annual report which give some great insight into EI’s actual spend and strategy for driving Irelands innovation.

Profitero, a high potential start-up established to provide pricing intelligence to retailers and manufacturers, works with some of the most progressive retailers in the world, including Tesco Direct in the UK, the Iberian electronics retailer Worten and the French supermarket chain Auchan. The company, which currently employs 14, completed a funding round in 2011, with a €500,000 investment from the Bank of Ireland Start-up and Emerging Sectors Equity Fund, managed by Delta Partners, and a co-investment of €250,000 from Enterprise Ireland.

Here are some key numbers

  • 743 client companies were engaged in significant R&D projects (spending over €100k per annum),
  • 54 companies were involved in substantial R&D projects (spending over €2m per annum) and some
  • 518 Innovation Vouchers were redeemed.
  • €93m in European Union Research and Technology Development (Framework 7) funding was secured for Ireland.
  • 93 new high-potential startups, approving €20.4m in funding, and there were 19 follow-on investments in high potential start-ups, valued at €3m.
  • 160 support packages of €100k+ to established SMEs and large companies. In addition, there was a total of €10m in angel investments in 33 companies.
  • 30 international venture investments in client companies.
  • 789 executives took part in short programmes.
  • 110 clients were teamed with international business accelerators and over.
  • 347 Irish businesses were supported with a mentor from our panels of Irish and overseas mentors.

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*Enterprise Ireland Infographic data taken from the 2011 annual report call (copyrights theirs)

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