Want €100,000 For Your Business? Find Out How In Grants Course.

Plus 17 Bonuses On How To Bring Your Business Global

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"Have You Ever See Successful Startups Raise Money So Easily & Think "How Did They Do That?"

If you’ve been trying to start of grow your new business, it can be really frustrating to see people who popped out of nowhere, working in their business full-time and hiring. You see people filling their social media with pictures and announcements of winning Grants, Awards, Prizes and using those wins to get national Press Coverage They can recruit the best talent not to mention attract Venture Captial or simply get their bootstrapped business started.

Would €100,000 In Cash Help You.

You Can Do It, Too. Just Imagine.

Get €100,000 Cash

Getting free small business grants to help you grow your business and leave that job you hate. Smiley face step 1

Get Free Advertising

Getting great press coverage helping to drive sales for your new business by leveraging your grant wins. Smiley face step 2

Win Their Trust

Filling your new company’s social media feed with a list of positive wins helps build trust with your customers. Smiley face step 3

Seed More Investment

Helping build credit with future investors in your business while giving a sense of momentum. Smiley face step 4


Can Anyone Get A Grant (Yep! But It's Tricky)

Many years ago it was easy to get access to thousands of euros of Government Grant money. There was less competition, setting up a new company was expensive so fewer people did it. Well… Things have changed. Now everybody is building an Uber for, or next Google so the competition is really hard, driven by the lowering of entry costs. But, that’s not all bad. If the costs are getting lower then you need less money to get started. You just need to get smarter at how you get it.

“€100,000 Is More Than Enough”

William McQuillan - Partner at Frontline Ventures

Online invoice with a beautiful header image
Get paid fast and accept credit card payments

Become A Smarter Founder

Lots of people might think that they can just guess their way to winning grants. But, you’ll find those people aren’t very successful. Some people try and talk to ‘experts’, or friends of friends. That tends to lead to Chinese whispers and the wrong information. The smart people find how were the smartest people are and talk to them. The people who’ve done it, the people who make the decisions.

The Secret Is Be Smart

By using a specific system and talking to the right people we've raised €1,000s off the Government

With Bullet, we used Government Grants to help up bootstrap. Not only were we building a big complex product (nearly one million lines of code).

But we were also selling it as a freemium service. That meant it took years to get to a level where the company was making money.

To give you an idea, our competitors who’ve built a similar product have raised millions.

Xero – $900,000,000 Million

Wave – $64,000,000 Million

Bullet – €000,036,000 Thousand

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Here Is Why Getting Your First €100,000 Of The Government Is Best

That’s Right €100,000 Of Free Money

Keep 100% Of Your Company

You get to keep 100% of your business. Even if you have to give away a small percentage of your company for the Startup Competitive Fund there are no voting rights. So you make all the decisions.

A Pain-Free €100,000  If you follow the right system it’s pretty pain-free. You’ll get great support along the way and you’ll meet like-minded people who are going through exactly what you’re going through.

Catapult Your Business You’ll have €100,000 in cash and services to catapult your business into a head start and leave that job you hate with a safety net of cash.


Funding is scaling fuel. VCs invest in companies who have something big to prove and governments invest for the same reason, to back winners.





Getting the right investors is critical. Do everything you can to get to know investors before agreeing to investment, ideally they should add value in addition to the capital…




"Really good course. Learned so much."

Maurueen Clarke- Entrepreneur

But, Then Everything Changed.

I started to talk to companies that were successful at getting grants. I talk to the people who judged on them, I talked to everyone I could. I developed the best system and time frames to make €100,000 euros in grants a reality, not a dream for every other company. Now, I’m putting all that knowledge into this course. 

Get paid fast and accept credit card payments

I Started To Talk To Winners

I wasn’t always successful at getting grants or building a business. I made a lot of mistakes, some stupid and some I just didn’t know about at the time. I’ve felt the same way you’ve felt with you’re told ‘Oh, why didn’t you apply for that €14,000k grant. You can’t now, cause you’ve applied for this one.’.

… And Things Started To Change.

I’ve also been rejected from the Startup Competitive Fund because our product wasn’t finished we’d signed up our 4,000th customer and partnered with a US company. It was my application. I then started to talk to people like Tony Corrigan, he’s built a product Tender Scout designed to win Government Contracts.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bullets 'Get 100k For Your Business', Course Compiles The Most Powerful Lessons and Strategies I've Learned Into A Fool-Proof, Step-By-Step System That Will Turn Your Blog Into A Money-Making Machine.

In Bullets Get 100k For Your Business course, I’m showing you the exact strategies I’ve used and steps experts have taken to win grants and learn the system better.

I believe being as prepared as possible is a guaranteed route to greatly increase your chances of winning €100,000 in Grants.

This course is the only community and course you need to truly achieve your goals, grow your business, and launch your first business. Let’s do this. In this course, you’ll learn how to create a winning submission, meet learn from experts, learn from gatekeepers and join an engaged community.

"The insights from Frontline changed my approach to dealing with VC's."

Katie Battigan – Founder

"This course is excellent. The videos explain everything clearly and there is great freedom with this kind of learning because you learn at your own pace. I have learned so many killer points in this course that I didn't know about."

Dylan Jensen – Entrepreneur

"Awesome course! Thank you so much I felt much more confident applying for the grants after this course. I loved the relaxed approach in the interviews. Like he was asking the questions I was thinking."

Susan Finnigan – Entrepreneur 

As A Member Of Bullets Get 100k For Your Business Course, You’re Going To.


Overview of everything this Enterprise Ireland Grants gives you. Smiley face step 1


Best Start Dates to get all the grants and your €100kSmiley face step 2


Insight from the Gatekeepers who be judging you.Smiley face step 3


Sample’s of winning entries that you can copy. Smiley face step 4


Interviews with founders who’ve already done it, don’t make their mistakes.Smiley face step 1


Expert at winning grants explains all his tips and tricks.Smiley face step 2

Our Failures

Listen to why we were rejected as a company.Smiley face step 4


Join an exclusive community of founders. Smiley face step 4


Bonus materials to help you succeed.Smiley face step 1

Sample Decks

See winning presentations.Smiley face step 2

VC Tips

Tips, Tricks from VC’s and founders. Smiley face step 3

Let's Take A Deep Dive At What You'll Learn

Packed Full Of Value – How Long Would It Take You To Research All This Information On Your Own


Overview of what to expect from this course and what you’ll learn.

Funding Checklist

Have a solid list you work through to make sure you’re on top of everything.

Priming Grant Overview

Overview of the Priming Grant and list of Local Enterprise boards.

Innovation Voucher

Learn what this grant can be used for and with who.

Expansion Grant Overview

Overview Refundable Business Development Grant.

Competitive Start Fund

Interview with the head of Comp’ Start Fund gives Tips & Tricks.

Priming Grant Interview

Interview with head of Dublin Local Enterprise Board on what to avoid.

New Frontiers Overviews

Overview of the New Frontiers Programme.

Innovation Voucher

Dr.Theo Lynn | Business Innovation Platform Director Gives Tips & Tricks.

Expansion Grant Interview

Interview with head of Expansion Grant gives tips & tricks.

Grant Expert Tony Corrigan

Interview with Tony Corrigan and expert in Government Applications.

Donal Cahalane Interview

Founder of BuiltInCork, learn about building companies.


Revenue list, to make sure your application doesn’t get cancelled.

New Frontiers Interview

Interview with head of New Frontiers gives tips & tricks.

Competitive Start Fund

Overview of Competitive Start Fund Grant.

Will McQuillan A VC's View

Irish VC firm Front Line Gives his take on going the Grant Route

Y Combinator

Get Y Combinators advice on Irish companies looking to the US.

Let's Take A Look At What You'll Learn

Each Module Is Designed To help You Win Your Grant

Module One: Never Be Told You’ve Missed A Document.

Introduction Accounts, Reducing Your Tax Bill, What You Need To Do Revenue List Funding Checklist Legals, Equity, Term Sheets & Co-founders

Module Two: Everything You Need To Know About The Grants.

Priming Grant Overview Priming Grant Interview New Frontiers Overview New Frontiers Interview Innovation Voucher Overview Innovation Voucher Interview Competitive Startup Fund Overview Competitive Startup Fund Interview Expansion Grant Overview Expansion Grant Interview Grants Checklist Tony Corrigan Grant Expert

Module Three: The Next Steps.

Will McQuillan of FrontLine Ventures Brian – TechStars Europe – Applying to T.S., Tips, & Moving to Berlin Gustaf, Y Combinator – Applying to Y.C., Tips, & Moving to the US

Bonuses? Yep, We’ve Got Plenty Of Bonuses

Bonus Interview Video 1 – Tony Corrigan Grant Expert

Tony Corrigan Had Such Success With Grants That He Launched A Company Specialising In Government Tenders.

Tony’s experience started in a software house, moving to Intel and then building his own company to help people with applying for government tenders. His product helps companies find, apply and win lucrative Government tenders. Learn from Tony on how to create a winning grant application.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 2 – Will Mc Quillian

Frontline Ventures Is A Leading Irish Early Stage VC. Partner Will Mc Quillian Takes Some Time To Answer All The Questions You'll Have About Dealing With A VC

Will has been working with Irish Startups for nearly a decade now. Although Will is based in London, Frontline VC is the main early stage VC in the Irish market. Learn what VC’s what to hear from your startup, what to avoid and how to increase your chances of VC funding.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 3 – Donal Cahalane

If There Is Something Happening In The South Of Ireland Startup Scene Donal Cahalane Will Know About It

As CEO at Cork based Republic Of Work, home to the future of work. Formally VP Growth @teamwork, CMO @Trustev, and Founder @builtincork Donal has a wealth of Startup experience to share. In this bonus, we’ll focus on the South of Ireland and what help is available to startups living or moving there.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 4 – Brian Daly European Startups

Brian Daly Is Irish & European Marketing Manager For TechStars Europe In Berlin. Learn About TechStars & How You Can Learn From European Startups

TechStars Europe is the leading Berlin-based accelerator. Brian launched a startup called Pitchify.me before moving to Berlin to head up TechStars Marketing. Brian has a unique insight into startups in Ireland and in Europe with over 3,000 startups working through their accelerator.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 5 – Gustaf-Alströmer of Y Combinartor

The Birthplace Of AirBnB & Stripe. Y Combinator Is A World Famous US Based Accelerator, In fact, They Kind Of Invented The Idea.

Y Combinator is a Californian accelerator, in fact, they kind of invented the concept. Gustaf-Alströmer will talk to us in depth about what they want to see in startups, how visas work and any hot tips you could learn from if you wanted to bring your startup to the West Coast.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 6 – Richard Murphy – Mental Health

Richard With Bank Of Irelands' Startup Lab Will Be Giving Insights On How You Protech Your Mental Health

Running a startup isn’t all fun and games, in fact, there is little fun in it, just a lot of hard work. Along the journey, you’ll be met with fatigue, failure, exhaustion and constant bruising of your self-confidence. Richard will provide some tools you can use to protect yourself along the way.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus PDF 7 – Calendar Infographic

Grants Have To Be Done In Sequence Find The Best Path So You Don't Lose Out On €100,000

Government grants are designed to help your business at different stages of its growth, from the idea to overseas expansion. This infographic has all the information in this course laid out in a simple to read infographic, showing start dates and the best sequence to carry them out in. A must have.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus 8 – Facebook Community (Value €197)

Starting Out Can Be A Lonely Time, This Managed & Invite Only Facebook Group Allows You To Meet Peers & Help

Never feel alone and out of depth, our managed group is there to answer all your questions. Any question you have about starting your you business, getting grants etc you can find it here. We’re managing the conversations and making sure everything is answered.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 9 – Cillian Balfe – Your Legals

Learn How To Approach VC Terms Sheets, How To Protect Your Company, If You Should Give Employees Equity.

Cillian is a partner and Head of Corporate Department at WhitneyMoore Solicitors. He specialises in corporate law, focusing on mergers and acquisitions and equity investments. Cillian will be discussing advice that will save you time and possibly your company.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Consultancy 10 – Cillian Balfe – Value €400

Meetup With Cillian For A Consultation

Cillian is offering all course members consultation on their legal matters, whether that be share issues, founders problems, or fundraising concerns. Speak to one of Dublin’s leading corporate legal partners.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 11 – Tom Early – Classification of Enterprise Ireland Grants

Tom Early is the head HPSU (High Potential Startup Unit).

This is Enterprise Ireland’s investment wing. It is split between two company stages. We’ll also discuss CSF (Competitive Start Fund) which is the €50,000 that Enterprise Ireland offers.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus 12 – Accounting Checklist from Brendan Brady

Brendan is the accountant behind the startup Plynk, which has raised over 25 million.

As your business grows keeping on top of the finances involves a lot more than a simple Excel spreadsheet. We have been working with ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs to deliver a scalable fixed-fee accountancy service, which allows our clients to focus on thinking bigger about their businesses. Read on for our thoughts on 5 Accounting Tips for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus 13 – Revenue List

It is Bullet's smarter startups guide.

A cheat sheet containing information about tax returns, how to register for tax, set up a bank account and register employees, all the details that each founder needs to know. 

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus 14 – Funding checklist

Cheat Sheet

Everything you need in place to before you can apply for the grants in the chronological order.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 15 – Sheelagh Daly – A Head of Enterprise in Wicklow

Explaining each of the grants that they offer

As Head of Enterprise in Wicklow, Sheelagh Daly has responsibility for enterprise strategy and the development and delivery of enterprise supports to SMEs in County Wicklow through the Local Enterprise Office. She is giving answer to the main question: What is LEO looking for in a business?

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Bonus Interview Video 16 – Joan Mulvihill –  applying for grant in IC4

Joan is a centre director for Irish company which is called IC4

The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) is multi-institutional research centre located at Dublin City University. IC4’s activities are focused on helping all players in the cloud ecosystem, including technology originators and technology consumers, to maximise the impact of cloud computing on their businesses.

Small business todo list to help you get organised

Most Grant Applications Fail

I’ m Going To Show You How To Be The Exception

It’s not about luck. And that’s a good thing.

Creating a successful grant application is about learning and implementing the proven strategies for turning your idea into a real business.

As it turns out, successful applicants have a few tricks up their sleeves. Wouldn’t you like to know how they do it? I can’t wait to share them with you in Bullets Get 100k For Your Business Course.

Bullet small business accounts logo

Bullets Get 100k For Your Business Course


"I found this course professionally put together with step by step lessons which made the process simple and easy to use. Well done, I don't have any hesitation in recommending this course"

Lisa Richardson – Entrepreneur 


Once you have the skills from this course, it’ll be so much easier for you to create winning grant applications, again and again.

The whole point of Enterprise Ireland Grants is to show you how to create winning grant applications and set up your company for further fundraising. The best part is you don’t need to over-complicate this whole business grant application process. I won’t lie: the process doesn’t happen overnight, but anyone can increase their chances of winning a grant. Enterprise Ireland Grants.ie includes years of experience and lessons that have helped others win grants and help get their small business up off the ground I’ve interviewed the people who’ve done the experimenting, researching, and implementing and now you have the opportunity to steal their strategies to create your own business. Think about how much time and money you’d save by joining Enterprise Ireland Grants… by finally knowing the exact path you need to take to reach success.

“€100,000 Is More Than Enough”

Will McQuillan - Partner at Frontline Ventures

  • Start Smart: Join now to take advantage of a system that works and start winning grants.
  • Future Proof: Get your business in the best position to engage in VC’s or Bootstrap to the future.
  • €100,000 For Free: Get access to over €100,000 in startup grants to help you get your business up and running.
KaroArt Ceramic firm using their beautiful header image reinforce brand

Bullet Get 100k For Your Business Course Is For You If...

  • You have an idea that you’re passionate about and would LOVE if you could turn it into your full-time business.

  • You’re interested in unlocking over €100,000 is grant money from the Irish Government to help kick start your new business.

  • You’ve struggled with the overload of information out there on how to access grants, where to start and who to start with.

  • You’re SO OVER trying outdated strategies you found on random websites, feeling overwhelmed, and not knowing if you’re doing things right.

  • You want a system that works and is relevant for this day and age.

  • You know if you start with the wrong grant you’ll lose access to the other grants.

  • You don’t want to spend the next 6 months finding out the hard way, how to streamline your grant process.

  • You see the value in combining all this information into one simple to follow the course.

  • Everybody has a story to tell you, you just want a checklist, the right information to tackle each step of your journey to €100,000.

I Have To Be Honest. You're Not Going To Love Enterprise Ireland Grants If You're Looking For Hacks or Cheats.

Enterprise Ireland Grants system works incredibly well and is much, much faster than trying to figure everything out on your own, but only if you’re willing to put in the time and do the tasks. I aim to make things as SIMPLE as possible because I know that many of my students have full-time jobs, children, or other obligations, but you need to be willing to do the work, too. This course is also best for people are serious about building a business.

Some Reasons Why You Should NOT Join Enterprise Ireland Grants

That’s Right NOT Sing-up

You want to press a button and make it all magically happen. Good luck with that.

You think you know better than the agencies who are trying to help you.

You don’t think €100,000 is enough to get your business off the ground.


“It’s OK if you’re nervous or have doubts. Once you enrol it will all start to click together”

"This course is very detailed and easy to learn."

Lynda Cotton- Entrepreneur 

"If only I knew what I know now. I can't put it simpler than that."

Richard Kane – Entrepreneur

"I absolutely loved this course! Peter is a wonderful teacher. He's clear and very easy to follow."

Marie Farrely – Entrepreneur 

Walt Disney

“The best way to get started is to quit talking and
start doing”

Hi, I’m Pete Your Teacher

I help online entrepreneurs love their life again. I do this by building software and teaching complex strategies in simple, step-by-step ways. I’ve tried almost every business model out there, most have been in online business space from RaboDirect to Bullet, a free automated online accounting software. Now, as a founder, I’ve helped more than 8,000 businesses grow. We launched a working version of Bullet with just €1,400. Grants helped us get started. It wasn’t always going so well. It took me years to get things off the ground. To learn about systems and how best to work them to your advantage. It wasn’t always going so well. It took me years to get things off the ground. To learn about systems and how best to work them to my advantage. In that time I’ve seen ‘unicorn’, companies come and go, I’ve seen nobody heard of bootstrapped companies explode in success. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and bringing experts in their fields together to help you save time, money and most of off all allow you to focus and succeed in your business.

Bullet small business accounts logo


I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of course, and I want you to see how game-changing this course can be, risk-free.


Don’t forget you can talk to us about anything with our instant chat, any question just ask.

Do you do the grant process?

No, but provide you with over 4 hours of video from experts in the field on how to do just that.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure, if you don’t like the content we’ll refund you the money. No Risks.

Are you going to try and upsell me later?

No, as a business we run Bullet. Which is a free service, yep free. This course took a lot of time to build.

At what stage should I do this course?

Any stage, but the sooner the better. It’s just great knowledge to have starting any business.

Is this system granteed?

It’s guaranteed to be the best and most efficient way to get your grant applications done

How long can I access?

As long as you like, once in you’re in forever. No extra costs.

My heads about to explode with informational ready?

I know your pain. This course is to remove that pressure. You can drop in and out of it at any time.

What kind of companies do these grants cover?

The grants we cover, cover most companies. If you’re in a niche there might be other grants for you. But we just cover 5 to give you €100,000 plus.

How is the course dilivered?

A mix of workbooks, video interviews, ebooks. We do like to try and keep it very personal though.

You a Government agency?

Nope, we went through a lot of the grant processes and wanted to help.

What if I've got more questions

Great. That’s the whole idea of joining our Facebook community more like-minded people there.

How many times can I apply for a Grant?

There are no realy rules about the number of time you can apply, but there are some constraints around your type of business.


ONE OFF PRICE: €199 TO GET YOU €100,000
Module One: Never Be Told You’ve Missed A Document.
Module Two: Grants, Everything You Need To Know About The Grants.
Module Three: Expert Tips On Winning Grants & The Next Steps.
Bonus – Interview: How To Win Grants, Tony Corrigan Grant Expert
Bonus – Interview: All Questions You’d Have For A VC Answered, Will Mc Frontline
Bonus – Interview: The Future Of Hot Desking In The South, Donal Cahalane
Bonus – Interview: TechStars A European Accelerator, Brian Daly
Bonus – Interview: YCombinator A US Accelerator, Gustaf Partner At YC
Bonus – Interview: Mental Health In Startups, Richard Murphy & BOI
Bonus – Infographic: Guide To Start Dates & Order Of Grants
Bonus – Community: Invite Only Facebook Community
Bonus – Interview: Term Sheets, VC, Employee Shares With Cillian Balfe
Bonus – Consultation: With Cillian Balfe, Partner (Value €400)
Bonus – Ebook: All Tools You’ll Need To Automate Marketing, Ian Cleary

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