Efficiency in Business as essential as Innovation.

Bullet provides Invoicing, Accounting, Payroll and Tax Tools for Small Businesses in Ireland. Our Solutions have complimented enhanced the efficiency of our Subscribers. We’ve been growing for about 2 years now. Along the way we discovered blogs, tools and methodologies that helped us in the Smart operation of Bullet. Some are free, and some are low monthly subscription services like ourselves. Here are some worthy of a recommendation. We know you’ll love them as much as we do:

Razor Social: 

How much: Blog and site content are full of free and invaluable info. $165 for a 45 minute consultation with Ian.

How they assist Efficiency in Business:

Get expert help with your Blog and Social Media. Founded by Irish man Ian Cleary, Razor Social specializes in Coaching and Social Media training. If you want to do Lean Marketing techniques, this is where to go. The site is packed with tips on getting the most out of your Blog and Social Media, provided by experts, and it’s all free. Sign up to Ian’s newsletter, an informative and amusing weekly update.

Silicon Republic:

How much: 100% free.

How they assist Efficiency in Business:

This award winning Irish site, is an excellent place to inform your startup and keep an eye on Irish Business Developments. They have an excellent tech blog, with news and an events guide.


How Much: Basecamp offers a 60 day free trial and their monthly subscriptions start at $20.

How they assist Efficiency in Business:

It’s a Project Management portal. You can manage tiny to major projects here and easily collaborate with stakeholders and contributors from anywhere. You can keep track of any file, discussion or event with ease. It even syncs with your calendar.  They have an iphone app too, which is great. You can separate what your client sees from what your team sees also, if you need to.


How Much: 4 free tools, Followerwonk, Open Site Explorer, SEO Toolbar and Google Changes Report. Pro Tools are Free for 30 days. These include MOZ Analytics, a Keyword Rank Tracker, An On-Page Grader, Keyword Difficulty & SERP Tool. They’re lowest monthly subscription is $99 and it’s well worth it (we think so anyway)

How they assist Efficiency in Business:

This site is the bomb when it comes to Website Analytics and SEO. Their Blog contributors are a veritable who’s who of SEO experts and Internet Marketers from across the globe. They have countless free guides on improving your website’s quality and rankings. If you need to teach yourself SEO, this is the school to attend. Keep an eye on their Blog daily for futuristic reports on Google’s activity and more. There’s always the Q&A forum in the unlikely event you can’t find a solution you need within the Blog. Use their tools to identify improvements for your website, track your web authority and plan your content.

ASAP Utilities:

How much: Free

How they assist Efficiency in Business:

If you’re a Microsoft Excel user, this application will change the way you use it forever. It brings hidden or difficult to find functions of Excel to the forefront and provides extras too. The best way to get to know it is to install it and have a nose around.

Go To My PC:

How much: Free for 30 days and $10 per month after that.

How they assist Efficiency in Business:

If you’re on the move you can take Bullet Software with you. If you need access to your PC, Go To My PC allows you to secure, remote access your computer, it’s files and software. This means you can keep working, wherever you are. It works on any mobile device.

Office Web Apps:

Free access to an online version of Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint. There’s even a Survey function built into Excel for you. It comes with 7 gigabytes of storage too. All you need is a Hotmail or Windows Live e-mail account.

MOOC List:

Need to brush up on your Management or Business Analysis Skills? Could your Business benefit from  new Marketing and Innovation Techniques. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. The site is packed with totally free online courses from some of the worlds leading experts and Universities.


If you are looking for a solution we haven’t mentioned here, drop us a mail at hello@bullethq.com and we’d be happy to recommend something for you.


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