Developer Spotlight – Gordon Murray of Murrion

In the first of our developer community interviews we sat down with Gordon Murray from Murrion Software Development. Gordon setup Murrion Software Development to build, design and manage their own and 3rd party APIs. This specialist company is based in Cork, Ireland and blogs actively about API’s. You can follow Gordon on twitter @murrion

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Tell me about the team at Murrion?

We are a team of 5 based in Ballincollig in Cork, covering design, development, infrastructure and project management. We spend our time developing new web application products for startups and established businesses and we use PHP almost exclusively for everything.

What problem are you trying to fix in the market?

It is whatever a company or clients needs us to do, as long as it is web-based. We try to help businesses to automate things or make new opportunities for them. As an example, we have built software to allow our clients customers to top up their pre-paid mobile phones using Twitter, helped businesses to communicate with their customers via SMS and email and helped businesses send their work schedules to their technicians mobile devices around the country, all using APIs.

Make It In Cork Meetup

What got your attracted to Fintech API’s?

Developing and using Fintect API’s are enjoyable to work with for a few reasons. It is unlike visual design work for example, which can be subjective. API development is more black or white. It either works or it doesn’t, it can be tested in many ways. From a business point of view API’s open up a lot of new opportunities for a business, like being able to send information to a new mobile app for customers to use or to allow new customers to come onboard by importing their data automatically from one system to another, like with Bullet’s API!

What do you look for in a good API, and what do you hate?

I look for an API that is easy to use and connect to, with clear documentation to get up and running quickly.  Thankfully, there are a lot of great APIs out there and not much to hate. An API that you can sit down to late in the evening for the first time and get up and running quickly, is a good one. The Stripe payment gateway API is a great example of this.

What are the most common API do you work with?

A lot of the applications that we develop involve communication in some way so we use Email APIs such as Mailgun, and SMS API’s such as Twilio quite a lot.  We also do a lot of backups and storage for our clients and we use Amazon’s S3 or Glacier storage APIs. We’d be lost without API’s like those.

Cork seems to launching more successful startups than ever, it must be an exciting place to be based?

Yes, there doesn’t seem to be as many here as there are in Dublin, and that’s a pity but there are definitely great individuals, companies like Trustev and programmes like New Frontiers here to encourage and help start-ups so I think there will be more and more start-ups coming out of Cork in the future too.

Startup Weekend #swcork

Is there a strong developer community in Cork, are you active in any of them?

I’m not as active as I should be, I’m still looking for a PHP community. There are definitely active Ruby and JavaScript developer communities in Cork and probably more that I don’t know about. There are Open Coffee and Twitter meet-ups too which I was involved with more which aren’t specifically developer related but they’re all important. The very first Coder Dojo was here in Cork too in the National Software Centre!

You’re very active on Twitter, do you find it good for business or is it more of a personal tool?

It’s a little of both for me, I don’t have a formal plan when it comes to Twitter. Sometimes I use it every day and sometimes I don’t get to it for weeks.

Twitter was for personal use for me at first and there have been plenty of people I’ve met on Twitter over the years that I feel I know well at this stage that I rarely meet in person or not at all!

Mostly, I read on Twitter a lot and I have used Twitter to ask tech questions or get recommendations and I often get great answers back very quickly which is great. I also try to promote our clients or ourselves there too by tweeting about anything new that I think people might find useful. 

Kashflow export, Data imports, TeamworkPM

Kashflow export, data imports, TeamworkPM, are just some of the posts Gordon is going to be building and writing about. If you want to get involved just drop a mail to devteam@bullethq.com and we’ll sign you up. Here is a full list of the items Gordon is going to be writing  and building, check out here https://github.com/murrion

1. Leaving Kashflow and showing some code on how to export data
2. Importing into Bullet and showing some code on how to import data
3. Combining TeamworkPM (another great Irish company here in Cork) with Bullet, to automatically export completed Todo lists from Teamwork via their API, directly into Bullet line items, to invoice a client upon completing work.
If you’d like to be covered about something you’re building on our API please let me know.

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