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We’re not all talk about the people we help

At Bullet we wanted to build a company around community.

Words come easy but starting a business can be a scary, anxious time.

Here are just a few tasks we’ve completed to help our community build their business.

– Free Accounting software that automates your accounts.

– free Invoicing software that helps you bill for money.

– free add-on tools like Mileage calculator and receipt tracker.

– free instant inhouse human support, you’re never on your own.

– free guides on how to start your business.

– free course on how to build growth in your business.

– free giveaways of the latest business books.

– community forum with over 4,000 small business Q&A’s available.

We hope that shows you how committed to helping our community we are.

Thanks Pete

Customers Love Us More Than Their iPhone

We ran an industry standard survey called an Net Promoter Score with all our customers. The test looks to see how likely your customers are to refer your product to a friend or colleague.

# 7.4 people in every 10 would recommend Bullet.

# We got 6% higher score than the iPhone.

# Our instant customer service beat Zappos.

Table of Net Promoter Scores, Bullet beating Netflix, Zappos, Southwest, Amazon, and the iPhone

Real Recommendations : Real Community

Image testimonials KaroArt Ceramic Design
Karolina “I love how soft the upsell is”

Testimonials Lauren Hooker Ellen Invoices
Lauren “A great way to reinforce brand”

Bullet testimonial Maru Ramirez Fashiony Fab Invoice
Maru “Makes business more personal”

Bullet testimonial Cian Website Shop Invoice
Cian “It made our estimates jump out”

Bullet testimonial Rob Partners In Digital Communication Invoice
Rob “Bullet just makes life so easy”

Image testimonials Sweet invoice
Aileen “I love the instant chat support”

Mark Morgan - Media Team

“It’s Beautiful, It’s Simple, It’s Free
What a great value product

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