Creating an online invoice template – super fast

Creating the same online invoices over and over again is a waste of your time. It’s also important that you keep your invoicing process simple so you’ll be more likely to generate invoices.

What You’ll Master

– Setting up online invoice templates in 20 seconds

Sounds crazy but if a process is slow and you’re busy you’ll put it on the long finger, and if your running a service based business, actions on the long finger get forgotten about. This all has a terrible knock on affect with your cash-flow. With this new feature you’ll find yourself powering through a pretty dull task.

Within 30 seconds you can create a template invoice line allowing you to raise and send online invoices in a couple of clicks. Even if you’ve created a template invoice line you can still edit on the fly. The other benefit of this is for your business, it gets you in the habit of invoicing for time in a correct manor. Any task you complete whether it’s a support call or some design work, is made up of a minimum of 30 minute slots. Let’s break it down for a standard web development support call.

“hey that’s 5 hours a week, pretty much a free day off every week”

0-10 Mail come’s in and you call the client to find out what’s going on.
10-15 You have a look at the live site and see nothings wrong.
15-25 Clients forgotten the hosting details so you contact support at the hosting company to get it reset.
25-30 You download the site and start having a look.
30-40 You find an issue and fix it.
40-50 You call back the client and explain what the problem was and say ‘Ah it only took a minute to fix’.

So there is 50 minutes your not working on something else and therefore not billing. Think of it like this, if you had a staff member and they took a 2 hour break everyday, would that annoy you? You’d think “hey that’s 5 hours a week, pretty much a free day off every week”. So, we’ve all been guilty of it, so why not make it super easy to invoice. Don’t get obsessed with tracking every minute, just bill in blocks.


Take Homes

– Make Bullet work for you
– If you’re not invoicing for your time you’re working for free

– Creating an online invoice template can be done in 0 seconds.


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