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Peter Connor Staff asked 4 years ago

I’ve added people to Revenue how do I export the P2C file so I can import it into Bullet. 

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Peter Connor Staff answered 4 years ago

Log into

Click Revenue Record.

Choose PAYE and USC P2C Details.

Choose the tax year you require the P2C files for, e.g. 2018.

Click Search.

* Select Export Complete List – if you wish to export ALL P2C files. This is normally done at the beginning of a new tax year

* Select Export Amendments only- if you wish to export new P2C file

You will be advised that all P2C files will be flagged as exported:

Click OK to continue

You will now be prompted if you wish to open or save the file. Select “Save” so that you can import it into Bullet:

Click Save

Select location to save file to (ensure that you take a note of the location of the saved file)

Click Save

The P2C file is now ready for import into Bullet.

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P2C File: How Do You Get Your P2C File