Questions & AnswersHow Do I Create Long Form Online Invoice In Bullets Free Online Invoicing Software
Louise Miller Staff asked 7 years ago

Thanks for being so super interested. Very rare these days. And if I’m not tweeting or inputting payroll into the system, how do I pay you????

Everything you said makes sense and I do really feel it’s the platform for me. Interesting to hear that you got similar feedback from other users.

I’ve attached a few screen shots of platforms where inputting the quotation / invoice information is a lot easier for me. Once you’re trying you can see everything, go back and edit, expand description sections and add lines really easily.

I’ve also attached one of our quotations which shows how text heavy they can be.

I’m crossing my fingers that your update might address the tight spaces. In the meantime I’ll try and work around it and see if I can generate a few quotes and invoices to try out.

Thanks so much for all your help.

All the best,