Questions & AnswersHow can I find a previous private question that I asked on here (Warning: potential infinite loop here as I am asking a question about a question!)
codeinmotion asked 6 years ago

Hi folks,
I asked a question on here about a month ago – I think I posted it as ‘private’. There is no obvious way (that I can see) to look up questions I’ve previously asked or for me to browse through all tickets by date submitted. Any suggestions?
(As an aside, do you have any plans to enhane the support forum? Maybe it’s just me but it seems to be more difficult than necessary to browse around and find Q&As that might be of interest, and to find questions that I have previously asked. The site also does not seem to send notification emails to tell me when my question has been answered. I think this site is running on WordPress – I think there are a few ‘community’ or ‘Q&A’ add-ins on there that could plug some of these gaps. I’ve used one or two in the recent past. Just a thought.)

codeinmotion replied 6 years ago

Is there anyone out there?