On Oct 31st We’re Changing Pricing & Adding More Value

We’re excited to update you on some changes going ahead at Bullet

Over the past eight years, we’ve been working with thousands of businesses to make boring accounting an easy and quick process for Irish companies.

We want Bullet to grow and offer you more services. Here are just some of the new features we’re going to be adding.

  1. Mobile App: Create invoices from your mobile device
  2. Receipts: Automated expense managed with receipt scanning
  3. Bank Feeds: Automatically import transactions from your bank
  4. Bank Reconciliation: Enter recurring bills once and automate forever
  5. Mileage: Automated mileage tracking to reduce your tax bill
  6. Reports: Simple reports to see the profitability of projects
  7. Payroll: New Revenue payroll rules for 2019
  8. More: We’ll be introducing tons of smarter features
  9. Pricing: Offer more in freemium, and create a simplified premium app

In order to remain competitive and continue our promise of more automation we have to leverage 3rd party products, therefore we’re updating pricing in Bullet, effective end of Oct 2018.

We’re going to simplify billing into two plans, merging all premium apps.

Accounts Free €0.00pm: Full access to every feature of Bullet for free with a cap of 5 monthly invoices.

Accounts Paid €27.99pm: Full access to every feature of Bullet with no limits.

Here is an overview of our pricing compared to our competitors.

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