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Graham Carroll Friday Agency

It’s not every day that two agencies come together to form something new. The Friday Agency, Irelands newest full service agency was born out of the 15 month slow-set between Mad Dog Digital and Digitalounge.

Bullet loves to see this happen, we believe there is a great change coming to the agency world. Traditional agencies have always struggled with digital side of the business. How many times have you seen a traditional agency collect an award knowing that all the work had been done by a small mews headquartered digital team.

In the past large agencies have acquired talent usually in a desperate attempt to keep clients happy, but often the campaign focus gets pushed back to a traditional spend which results in a dull digital presence. Thankfully now smaller digital companies are coming together to form full service agencies which is a good thing to see.

We’re going to have a chat with Graham, founder and director of Friday about their journey and what they want to do to help eCommerce companies.You can follow Friday on Twitter  @FridayAgency or Graham @grayamc not to mention their website Friday.ie.


So Graham, Friday has over 60 years combined experience. What would be the main piece of advice you’d give a startup looking to launch a digital business with an agency?

There’s a lot I could say here, but let me offer a couple of pieces of advice:

Have a good brief
– If its a project you want an agency to look at, a good brief should communicate your business or idea clearly. In particular – what is in your suitcase that will make your offering successful? Is it your service or product quality, it’s performance or problem solving ability?
It might seem obvious, but it’s important for a business to have clarity on its marketing challenges, and to be able to express them as clearly as possible.

Customer Insight
– It’s also important to get understanding on the relationship between the business and it’s customers and the role that digital plays within the customer journey. When you have a clear vision on this, it allows us to create a strategy to answer those business problems.

Picking an agency
– Pick an agency with experience as well as offering business and customer insight. Good creative and technology are essential, but also the ability to understand your business goals and objectives and help shape your digital marketing strategy. It’s important to have a joined-up strategy across all aspects of digital and offline engagement, including content marketing, social channels, eCommerce, email marketing and loyalty programmes.

Team F riday Agency Profile

Team Friday

With established companies struggling to understand the web but happy with their traditional agency. What pitfalls should they look out for when selecting a digital agency to work with their traditional agency?

Quite often companies will work directly with a traditional agency who partner with a digital agency to deliver on online aspect of a campaign. This can work well but the digital agency might not have line of sight to the end client which can cause confusion.

Where there are separate agencies for traditional and digital it is important to have open communication. Everyone should have a clear picture on the business goals and marketing objectives, so that the companies brand / campaign message is delivered constantly across all channels.

Office Friday Agency Profile

Office Friday Agency

Although digital has been around for over 15 years it’s been new to a lot of marketers, what would you say to in house marketers who are anxious about feeling disconnected?

Digital has opened up so many new channels to marketing and it’s changing all the time. But the core rules haven’t changed. My advice to marketers who feel disconnected or overwhelmed would be to get tooled-up!

From email marketing to Google AdWords it is impossible to be a master of every channel, but by taking a course you can get a strong top level understanding of each as well as practical skills for managing a digital marketing strategy. There are some excellent digital marketing courses available including the diploma in digital marketing with SureSkills which I lecture on.

Friday Agency Profile

Friday Agency

Do you see digital as a far more cost effective way to get a bigger reach than traditional marketing?

Overall yes, the evidence is there – as more people engage in content and services across digital channels, spend in digital is increasing following this increase. And because we can track and see results in real time, campaigns can be optimised for a better return on marketing investment.

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