Peter Connor, one of our co-founders, shows us Bullet’s inbuilt payroll. You can create an employee profile and pay them in just three minutes! You don’t need any training and it wont be like any other horrible payroll product you’d use. This simple 3 minute video will walk you through everything you need to do. It’s so simple you’ll be left thinking ‘Is that it?’.

Create & Pay an Employee in 3 minutes. Super Pow! from Bullet on Vimeo.

Go to My Company, Employees, then create new employee. Add the PPS number. Select whether the employee is a Director or not. Add in their email address, this is where Bullet will send their payroll information. P45 details are available from the last employer. Input their tax credits and we’re done!  Just review and click save.

So, say you’d done that before, when you hired him. When coming in a normal week, go to wages. Click ‘Pay Peter’. Here Bullet’s payroll calculator shows all the necessary details: monthly wage as well as personal and company contribution to pension and healthcare. Remember, expenses are automatically updated when added at a later date. A plain English explanation of the payroll calculator process is also included.

Bullet’s payroll calculator instantly shows tax breakdown. Here you can see the figures for Employee PAYE, PRSI and USI. Download the payslip as a PDF or send it to the employee. Bullet’s payroll calculator really is simple, full of all the information you, your employee and ROS needs.

Taxes are fully integrated into the payroll calculator. Your next return (eg P30) pops up automatically. We’re told the dates of our tax period and the total PAYE and PRSI due by employers. Given details. If you click on Employees, you can see Peter’s full pay history.

To update details, go to Employees and import ROS P2C File. (The P2C is the employer’s copy of an employee’s PAYE Tax Credit Certificate) This ensures all tax details for employees are up to date. P2C files are free and available from the Revenue Commissioners website. Next time, that’s all you’ll need to do!

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