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Same features, but Bullet is free

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Hi there.

Looking at online accounting products for your small business? Looking for alternatives to Quickbooks Accounting or other competitors?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Below, you’ll find information to help you compare Bullet and Quickbooks Accounting, including value features, Quickbooks customer experiences, and a simple English FAQ.

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Quickbooks, a value high level comparison

Top 4 main reasons not to go with Quickbooks.
High Level – Issues with Quickbooks
Customers report that the software is very slow with pages taking ages. emoj
All your customer questions are done from an offshore support company, slow and frustrating. emoj
No instant chat support so when you’re stuck you’re going to be stuck for a while. emoj
Quickbooks costs $720 per year, plus all your accountants fees. Bullet is 100% free. emoj

Why pay when it's free

Get everything Quickbooks Accounts offers and more for free.

No monthly fees to drain your businesses funds.

No limits on usage to catch you out.

# Full online, mobile, multi currency automated accounts for free.

Image displays message that Bullets Small Business Accounting Software is 100% free, no limits or tricks
Screen grab of a free instant support conversation, average responce time is 8 minutes

Don't pay Quickbooks $720 a year to speak to you

Starting a business is an anxious time don’t let Quickbooks capitalise on that. Where’s the community love.

# Get an answer to any question within under 8 minutes.

# Stop searching Google for an answer you’re not sure is even right.

# Why pay Quickbooks so they can talk to their customers, when you can get it free with Bullet.

Things you can do in Bullet but not in Quickbooks

Here is a concise list of all the valuable  daily tasks you need to be able to complete to run your company that Quickbooks Accounting doesn’t offer and Bullet Accounting does.
High Level – Issues with Quickbooks  bullet small business accounting logo quickbooks small business accounting logo
Need a quick answer you’ll be waiting days, super slow support. happy emoji emoj
Quickbooks cost $720 a year for what Bullet gives you for free. happy emoji emoj
Consumeraffairs.com they collected 615 reviews & customers gave a 1 start rating. happy emoji emoj
One hour waiting time for phone support. happy emoji emoj
Not Always Intuitive & Slow‘, merchantmaverick.com. happy emoji emoj
Bugs and Crashes – Various bugs and crashes are reported across multiple sites. happy emoji emoj
Unauthorised Charges‘ have been reported across the web with 5mt fix time. happy emoji emoj

Rob - Love Media

“Pumped using Bullet who knew
it could be this easy”

All your questions about Bullet V’s Quickbooks

Don’t forget you can talk to us about anything with our instant chat

Feature sets, a big difference

Quickbooks & Bullet have similar feature sets a close spec.

Is their support that bad

Seems so, reports of one hour wait on phone support to an overseas agent.

Is Bullet secure

Same as a bank, 256 bit SSL certs keeping you safe. Your bank feeds are direct too, no scrapping.

Are you really free

Yep, Bullet offers a Quickbooks spec but 100% free, no limits or tricks.

Is Bullet full of ad's

100% no adverts, we just sell apps. Some are free and some are paid.

I'm useless at accounts

We’ve built workflows with the accounting logic built in, free chat support for the rest.

How come you're free

We charge for add on applications, like payroll.

Why the free support

We believe in community, listening makes reduces your stress.

I don't believe the poor reviews

Have a look at consumeraffairs.com they collected 615 reviews & customers gave a 1 start rating.

See how much other accounting software costs

Here is a list of all the accounting software you’re probably going to review. We’ve put together a table of costs to help you make that decision.
The Real Costs of Others Yearly Cost
Alternative to Wave accounting v1 Sells your data, very slow due to banner adverts, not real accounting product Personal Data & Time
Alternative to Excel accounting v1 No backup, no accounting rules built in, high risk of error $140
Alternative to Xero accounting Complex, designed for accountants, $40 pm plus additional accountant fees $480
Alternative to Freshbooks accounting v1 $50 per month for a bloated invoicing app, raised some money, under pressure $600
Alternative to Quickbooks accounting v1 $60 per month for an old clunky accounting product $720
Alternative Bullet accounting v1 Free, Fast, Modern, full accounting and invoicing with easy error checking workflows and instant human support $Free 100%
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