Adding employees to your payroll product can be a pain, you certainly don’t want to mess around with employees wages. So, it can be quite an anxious time for first time small business owners. In this post we’ll show you can you can use Bullet Payroll’s great feature of importing employees P2C file.

What You’ll Master

  • Setting up staff in 2 steps
  • Making sure your 100% compliant with Revenue


Background to Online Payroll for Employees

Online Irish Payroll Employees

So there is a lot of fear around getting payroll wrong. It is really hard to set up in other Irish Payroll Products and if you get it wrong you’re goosed. The great thing about Revenue is they give you a file called a P2C file (which is basically an excel file) with all your staff’s tax details on it. To add staff to this P2C file you simple email or contact your local revenue department and provide them with your staff members. Phone/e­mail a Revenue Regional Office ­ for example Dublin City Centre is; 1890 333 425 or citycentrepaye@revenue.ie. For all others see here; http://www.revenue.ie/en/contact/index.html

Remember Revenue are always right! So work off them not anyone else, if you believe they’ve got something wrong then just call them they’re a pretty friendly bunch.

Here are the steps to setting it up in your online payroll account.

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