Are you getting ready to choose Accounts Software for your business?

Q&A on choosing the best fit Accounts Software for you:

Q: When do I need Accounts Software

A: Most new Businesses delay until a tax deadline looms before considering the need for Business Accounts Software. The most important reason for having it from the beginning is to be able to track Income and Expenditure effectively. Check out Bullet’s guide to why you need Accounts Software from the beginning here for a more indepth view.

Q: Should I buy Accounts Software outright? Won’t that cost a bomb?

A: No. We have moved into the age of Cloud Computing. That means you can now access Accounts software that runs online. Instead of paying a huge premium for a software installation, you can get the best software for a low monthly subscription. Better still, updates happen automatically and are free. Having to buy software is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Q: At present I just need a few features. Will I have to pay for the full feature set to use the ones I want now?

A: No, Cloud Accounts Software gives you the freedom to choose the features you want to use, and just pay for those. So, if  you just need software to do Payroll on, then you can just pay for Payroll.

Q: Am I charged more, the more I use the product?

A: There are no transaction limits on Bullet Accounts so as your business grows, Bullet grows with you, at no extra cost.

Q: Won’t I need at least basic knowledge of Accounting to use the software?

A: No. The latest Accounts Software, such as Bullet is designed to be used by people who know little or nothing about accounting. You are guided through every transaction you have to make from invoicing to paying wages. There are checks in place to prevent you forgetting anything, or making mistakes. The Double Entry is done in the background automatically every time you use the software.

Q: I’m on the road a lot getting sales. How do I keep up with invoicing?

A: Take it with you! Anywhere you can access a computer and the internet you can use your Bullet Accounts Software. We also have an app that does your mileage tracking and captures receipts for your expenses. The app feeds into the Accounts so you can get on with Selling.

Q: I like the security that storing my data locally provides. How does your Accounts Package meet my needs in that regard?

A: We use the same encryption as the banks. Your data is stored in an ultra secure location. It’s completely protected from viruses and disasters such as fire!

Q: I’m fed up with my current Accounts Package. It’s too expensive and doesn’t meet my needs. How easy is it to switch over to Bullet Accounts?

A: It couldn’t be easier. Get in touch with our switching team today and we’ll get you started.

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