About Bullet

About Bullet
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About Bullet

In early 2010 John Farrelly was running a small business, being good at math he decided to do his own accounts. After trying a lot of accounting products he couldn’t understand why they all expected the business owner to know the accounting rules.
So he set about building an accounting product that had all the accounting rules built into its workflows.
Peter Connor joined in mid 2010 and Bullet was born.


We love the web, and care deeply about beautiful code, APIs, and supporting the community. We really like service based business looking to grow.
We think that people who start their own business are empowering themselves, whether that a new mom looking to meet the bills or a young female coder looking to show people what can be done.
We feel community is the future of business, that product and code will eventually sit in the background.
People build a businesses, we’re a peoples business.


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