So the internet goes on a lot about company culture, bean bags and chill out zones for your agency or web development company. But none of that will matter to your staff when they can’t pay their rent, then you find those cute bean bags are been used to fend of staff who’ve gone nuclear. So you want get back down to earth and listen to this points to help improve cash flow and learn how to get invoices paid faster.

You you don’t have to worry too much – Bullet’s Online Invoicing and accounting software is designed to make this process as simple and as automated as possible. However, there are still some basic tricks you can do to get your invoice paid faster. We’ve had a run through all our data and here are 3 easy tips you can do.

3 Ways How To Get Invoices Paid Faster

Be Nice & Polite:

Most people simply forget to pay an invoice as we mentioned in this earlier post. Remember, they’re probably just like you busying trying to make everything in their business happen.

Days, Days, Days:

Simply letting people know they have 15, 30 days to pay followed up by a gentle reminder will get your invoices paid faster. It just makes the message a little clearer and helps move the relationship to one of business.

Upon Receipt:

The term “Upon Receipt” is a common term used , recently  big online invoicing company presented some information relating to the use of the term “upon receipt”, it seems to have a ‘go asleep’, effect on the clients. I suppose it’s like saying ‘Sure pay whenever you’re ready’, as opposed to saying ‘please pay this friday’. So when creating an invoice give a specific time frame in days, ‘Please Pay within in 15 days’, or what ever time frame suits your business. Also remember there aren’t any rules about the number of days you can give a company, 30 might be standard practice but that doesn’t mean you have to adhere to that.

To Wrap Up:

So it seems that all these small changes make a big difference on how you can get your invoices paid faster. Bullet‘s data never lies, and we love been able to present simple changes that can make a big impact on digital agencies or other such businesses. Be sure to keep and eye on your online invoicing, we’ve giving all the tools we can, invoice read receipts, invoice templates and more so why use them.

Have small changes ever made a big difference to how to get invoices paid faster for you?


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