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Can Anyone Get A Grant (Yep! But It's Tricky)

Many years ago it was easy to get access to thousands of euros of Government Grant money. There was less competition, setting up a new company was expensive so fewer people did it.

Well… Things have changed.

Now everybody is building an Uber for, or next Google so the competition is really hard, driven by the lowering of entry costs.

But, that’s not all bad. If the costs are getting lower then you need less money to get started. You just need to get smarter at how you get it.

“€100,000 Is More Than Enough”

William McQuillan - Partner at Frontline Ventures

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"The insights from Frontline changed my approach to dealing with VC's."

Katie Battigan – Founder

"This course is excellent. The videos explain everything clearly and there is great freedom with this kind of learning because you learn at your own pace. I have learned so many killer points in this course that I didn't know about."

Dylan Jensen – Entrepreneur

"Awesome course! Thank you so much I felt much more confident applying for the grants after this course. I loved the relaxed approach in the interviews. Like he was asking the questions I was thinking."

Susan Finnigan – Entrepreneur 

"I found this course professionally put together with step by step lessons which made the process simple and easy to use. Well done, I don't have any hesitation in recommending this course"

Lisa Richardson – Entrepreneur 

Let's Take A Look At What You'll Learn

Each Module Is Designed To help You Win Your Grant
Module One: Never Be Told You’ve Missed A Document.

Accounts, Reducing Your Tax Bill, What You Need To Do
Revenue List
Funding Checklist
Legals, Equity, Term Sheets & Co-founders

Module Two: Everything You Need To Know About The Grants.

DBIC Overview
DBIC Interview
Priming Grant Overview
Priming Grant Interview
New Frontiers Overview
New Frontiers Interview
Innovation Voucher Overview
Innovation Voucher Interview
Competitive Startup Fund Overview
Competitive Startup Fund Interview
Expansion Grant Overview
Expansion Grant Interview
Grants Checklist
Tony Corrigan Grant Expert

Module Three: The Next Steps.

Niamh Burmshell Interview
Will McQuillan of FrontLine Ventures
Brian – TechStars Europe – Applying to T.S., Tips, & Moving to Berlin
Gustaf, Y Combinator – Applying to Y.C., Tips, & Moving to the US

ONE OFF PRICE: €99 TO GET YOU €100,000
Module One: Never Be Told You’ve Missed A Document.
Module Two: Grants, Everything You Need To Know About The Grants.
Module Three: Expert Tips On Winning Grants & The Next Steps.
Bonus – Interview: Running An Irish Startup In San Francisco, Ciaran of Building Eye
Bonus – Interview: How To Win Grants, Tony Corrigan Grant Expert
Bonus – Interview: Learn To Get the Edge On Other Startups, Niamh Bushnell
Bonus – Interview: All Questions You’d Have For A VC Answered, Will Mc Frontline
Bonus – Interview: The Future Of Hot Desking In The South, Donal Cahalane
Bonus – Interview: TechStars A European Accelerator, Brian Daly
Bonus – Interview: YCombinator A US Accelerator, Gustaf Partner At YC
Bonus – Interview: Mental Health In Startups, Richard Murphy & BOI
Bonus – Infographic: Guide To Start Dates & Order Of Grants
Bonus – Community: Invite Only Facebook Community
Bonus – Interview: Get Your Accounts In Order, Brendan Brady
Bonus – Consultation: With Brendan Brady, Chartered Accountant (Value €400)
Bonus – Interview: Term Sheets, VC, Employee Shares With Cillian Balfe
Bonus – Consultation: With Cillian Balfe, Partner (Value €400)
Bonus – Interview: How To Launch At BetaDublin, Russell Banks
Bonus – Ebook: How To Write A Winning Deck, Ed From Clearpreso
Bonus – Ebook: All Tools You’ll Need To Automate Marketing, Ian Cleary
Bonus – Interview: How To Do Startup PR Properly, Paul Hayes
Hi, I’m Pete Your Teacher

I help online entrepreneurs love their life again. I do this by building software and teaching complex strategies in simple, step-by-step ways.

I’ve tried almost every business model out there, most have been in online business space from RaboDirect to Bullet, a free automated online accounting software.

Now, as a founder, I’ve helped more than 8,000 businesses grow. We launched a working version of Bullet with just €1,400.

Grants helped us get started. It wasn’t always going so well. It took me years to get things off the ground. To learn about systems and how best to work them to your advantage.

It wasn’t always going so well. It took me years to get things off the ground. To learn about systems and how best to work them to my advantage.

In that time I’ve seen ‘unicorn’, companies come and go, I’ve seen nobody heard of bootstrapped companies explode in success.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and bringing experts in their fields together to help you save time, money and most of off all allow you to focus and succeed in your business.

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I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of course, and I want you to see how game-changing this course can be, risk-free.


Don’t forget you can talk to us about anything with our instant chat, any question just ask.

Do you do the grant process?

No, but provide you with over 4 hours of video from experts in the field on how to do just that.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure, if you don’t like the content we’ll refund you the money. No Risks.

Are you going to try and upsell me later?

No, as a business we run Bullet. Which is a free service, yep free. This course took a lot of time to build.

At what stage should I do this course?

Any stage, but the sooner the better. It’s just great knowledge to have starting any business.

Is this system granteed?

It’s guaranteed to be the best and most efficient way to get your grant applications done

How long can I access?

As long as you like, once in you’re in forever. No extra costs.

My heads about to explode with informational ready?

I know your pain. This course is to remove that pressure. You can drop in and out of it at any time.

What kind of companies do these grants cover?

The grants we cover, cover most companies. If you’re in a niche there might be other grants for you. But we just cover 5 to give you €100,000 plus.

How is the course dilivered?

A mix of workbooks, video interviews, ebooks. We do like to try and keep it very personal though.

You a Government agency?

Nope, we went through a lot of the grant processes and wanted to help.

What if I've got more questions

Great. That’s the whole idea of joining our Facebook community more like-minded people there.

How many times can I apply for a Grant?

There are no realy rules about the number of time you can apply, but there are some constraints around your type of business.


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