Why would you change your accountant?

Today we look at the top 10 reasons to change your accountant.  One of the reasons we started up Bullet was because of an issue we had with a previous accountant. We were paying them to file our returns yet they were not filed on time which resulted in a very expensive audit. This motivated us to set up Bullet Accounts.

1. Availability
Your accountant is not always available when you need them. Do they answer your phone calls and return any missed calls promptly?

2. Deadlines are not met
Certain deadlines are highly important, such as ones set by the revenue and CRO. Are these always met and are you aware of any delays?

3. Mistakes
Accountants are only human. Errors happen all the time.  What happens if the error is large enough to merit an audit? You will be liable for those charges.

4. Contact only for payment
Your accountant only calls to say their bill is due.  Are you being hounded for payment?

5.  Unexpected charges
Your bill include extra charges that you were not aware of.  Are your invoices detailed? Do you know exactly what you are being charged for?

6. Changes in business
Your accountant doesn’t know all the latest changes in business and taxation. Is the information they provide to you up to date?

7. Value
You feel like you aren’t getting good value for your accountant. Do you feel like your money is going to waste?

8.  Missed advantages
Other colleagues seem to be told about tax advantages yet your accountant doesn’t know about them.  Do they know what allowances you are entitled to?

9.  Lack of communication
Your accountant is difficult to talk to.  Their personality clashes with your own and the process of doing accounts becomes awkward.

10.  Doing the work
You have to chase you accountant to actually do the work. Numerous calls and visits have to be made.  This is extra hassle and is stressful.

What would make you change your accountant and what irritates you about them?


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