Facebook’s timeline is now available for your business page. We decided to create a video to help you set-up a creative facebook timeline cover and match it with your profile photo. In this blog post, I’ll give you working documents (in fireworks) that you can use and a detailed step by step walk-through video showing you all the tricks you need to watch out for.

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tl;dr Make the cover image 850px315px, cut your profile at 125px125 upload at 200x200px

We’ve taken the inspiration from the info-graphic we did called ”Irish Company Tax Explained as a Facebook Timeline”, it was quite popular and people asked us about the timeline cover. So we decided to use that timeline cover when Facebook allowed us to activate timeline for Bullets Facebook Page, and then we lost 6 hours of our lives. We trawled blog posts, and spammy software but to no avail. The problem we were having was aligning the profile image (small one) with the timeline cover image (big one). After much messing about we worked it out and then decided to share it.

The key issues is the profile photo, every blog post tells you to design it at 125x125px but what they don’t say is you can’t upload it at 125x125px, as FB give you an error message cause you can only upload files at 185x185px. Now your getting pissed cause you’d followed all the guides you’ve read. When you look to cut the profile pick out at 185 it’s not what you wanted and looks poor. When stuff like this happens I set people on fire.

Facebook timeline cover image layout



One extinguisher later, I realised the trick is to design it as 125×125, and cut it out of the image at that size. Then increase it to 200x200px and save it cause when you upload it to Facebook they resize it down to 125x125px. Yep! Didn’t make any sense to me. Anyway below is the video, link to the zipped images and the (actually files I used so you can play around) they’re in Fireworks so will probably open as a flat .png in Photoshop. Sorry! Here are some examples of creative things you can do with your Facebook Timeline Cover. Leave us your thoughts, or tell us how you got on and don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter for lots more helpful tips.

Here are your files in all zipped up, FACEBOOK-TIMELINE-MEDIA-ZIP



Written by

Peter @ Bullet Online Accounting

Peter Connor, Founder and CEO at Bullet. Customers are the only things that interests me

  • Nathan Drew Erb

    facebook changed the profile dimensions to 160×160

    • Nathan Drew Erb

      take that back…160×160 is for personal timelines…looks like business is still 125×125

  • Mike

    so, which are the new measures???

    • Mike

      thank you so much indeed! :)

      • Pete

        Sorry for the late reply we’d a bug in our commenting software. Let me know if you didn’t get sorted.

  • http://www.timelinecovershelp.com/category/nature/ Nature

    Nature – the worlds best science and medicine on your facebook timeline cover,add natur beauty in your timeline profile and show your love towards nature.

  • http://twitter.com/lovers_horizon Lovers’ Horizon

    I actually wanted the same cover. Now you can make a creative Facebook Timeline from photos and wallpapers using a nice free app
    http://www.lovershorizon.com/2012/07/slicetige.html so you don’t need to waste time on manually trying to find a right position and etc.

    • http://twitter.com/peterconnor peterconnor

      Thanks for sharing

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  • zl

    I’m following all of your steps, I’m pretty slick with Photoshop and following instructions, I think Facebook has changed what the profile pic does… It’s not resizing the profile pic back down, even if I edit the thumbnail to resize to fit option… are there new instructions now that will work?

    • http://twitter.com/peterconnor peterconnor

      Hi Zl, I think they have changed it. I think what’s changed is they don’t do the re-size. So it should be a flat 125×125. Let me know how you get on. Pete

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  • Armatka

    Great and understandable tutorial. I just cant figure out why facebook keeps on uploading the profile picture image as way too big. Any ideas?

  • Danish Khan

    Very well done !!! (y)
    How about this one? I explained it too !! :)

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